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  • Age: 45
  • Location: Boise, Idaho, United States of America
  • Label: man flower music

I started playing music around 1997 with fellow friends Chad Whittaker, Bryan Hallowell, and Lloyd Winter under the band name THE LAST MELTING MAN. At first it was chaotic noise. I remember girlfriends leaving, neighbors complaining, cops coming...and parties! I think I got the bug (performing live) after our first show (New Years Eve, 1999). We sucked, but it was the most exhilarating feeling that I had ever felt, and I wanted more. In 2000, Bryan and I convinced LLoyd and Chad to move to Moscow, Idaho for college and music. We played under TLMM and released our first album, "Close Cover Before Striking" in the fall of 2002 as Bryan's thesis project for his Masters in Architecture. Bryan moved back to Boise shortly thereafter and TLMM was done. Lloyd went on to play with Everyone Dies Alone, Severed Hand, Old Man Winter, Oh My God, Oh My God, and FORTRESS. Chad and I continued to play together under several purposefully changing names such as; THE ZACH JONES BAND, BELLY OF THE JACKAL, SHOCK AND AWE, TERRY COUNTRY, and KIDD-NEYSTONE AND THE PAINFUL URINATION before joining back together again with Lloyd and Mark Clatterbuck to form FORTRESS. For a brief time (and a good one) I played in Moscow with Brad Watkins and Terrance Anderson under the name CRY BABY...we fucking rocked!!! In 2005, I moved back to Boise and formed two short lived bands. One, TRES AMIGOS which was strictly a studio band...one day only. The other, GRAND FURY, with Cisco Redinger, Jeremy Martin, and Justin "Bloaty" Moore. We also rocked...but it was such extreme uncontrollable awesomeness that someone was gonna get hurt so, Jeremy moved to Portland (he lives in Boise now)and GRANF FURY was done. It was then that I suddenly realized this was my chance to get back to my roots, I asked nicely and was accepted into the super group LE FLEUR which consists of my old friends Bryan and Chad along with Ivy Meissner, and Mike Runsvold. We have released two albums, "Truce" and "Din Din" and are currently recording a full length due out Spring 2013. We were invited in March of 2012 to be part of the Boise Showcase at SXSW playing alongside Youth Lagoon, Built to Spill, Finn Riggins, and Hillfolk Noir. The year prior we went on a ten day northwest tour opening for our good friends Built to Spill. Last but not least, I formed a "side project" in December 2007 that became a "real project" called SPEEDBOAT with Luke Hayhurst and Ben Mulkey. We recorded a full length album title "Ten Lakes, Six Thighs".


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