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Warren BucklerWarren Buckler

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  • Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America


Warren Buckler began his musical endeavor after a friend encouraged him to try out the bass-guitar. So he picked it up, self-taught himself, and the wheels began to turn, the friction with the pavement thrusting him forward in his acquisition of musical savvy. He's since then experimented with the drums, percussion, keyboard, and most importantly to his style today, the acoustic guitar. So set the stage when he entered college as an undergraduate seeking a degree in music production.

While attending Ohio University, the Dayton, Ohio, native was exposed to new genres, the diversity of which included trip hop, acid jazz, down-tempo, indie, and folk. His use of acoustics and electronic beats echoes the ideas of Four Tet, while his plaintive vocals remind you of Jose Gonzalez. Other notable influences on his creative inspiration are Portishead, Zero 7, Bonobo, and Massive Attack. Furthermore, while at Ohio University, he was part of the African Drum Ensemble, which presented the youthful talent a number of rhythmic variations layered with a purposefully controlled chaos guided by precise timing. At the dawn of his musical awareness and education, Buckler nurtured an affinity for "intelligent music", or that which requires a trained appreciation and aptitude for recognizing how diverse sounds can be fused to produce something refreshingly new in the world of music.

Following college, he took his music to Chicago where he spent most of his time writing and polishing his style. Shortly after arriving, the deep gusts of the windy city swept him off to the western mania-urbania of Los Angeles. There he learned hands on knowledge of the independent music industry and while there explored and gained a following. Inspired, refreshed, and confident he could keep on making a name creating music, Buckler returned to his native midwest and to the city that spawns mega-indie stars, Chicago.

Since then, he's been honing his guitar skills while adding a touch of technology to his repertoire by manufacturing his own accompanying instrumentation and percussion with a synthetic sophistication. Self-taught on the guitar, one can appreciate the skills he manifests with his arrangements. His classical guitar picking style with Spanish flamenco undertones shows his vast knowledge of music. His solo efforts captivate audiences with a simple construction, yet complicated performance of percussive bass lines giving way delicately to soft melodic phrases. His talent on guitar is only strengthened in performance by his softly toned vocals. He has matured into a lyrical style of his own, and has just self released his debut album, "Like that of the Coral." It was written, recorded and produced by the artist and it is assured to be a multi-layered exploration of the many genres fused under the common banner of sound.


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