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  • Jun
    • 3 comments on song Way Of The Breathless Dog
      • 7:14 - Robz Parker: What kind of Dog was that?
        Left by geronimodeleon, on May 31, 2010 - 16:28
        I really like intro and the way the it breaks...
        I also love the range of instruments,
        voices, and field recordings in this piece.

        I guess by the nature of the narrative (Forest Whitaker?) that the dog was either a Rottweiller, or a Bull Mastiff? : )
      • 7:14 - Robz Parker: Haven't watched the Movie beyond the intro when I was moved to grab the opening line as the sample but as far as I would gather, Forrest IS the Ghost Dog, living by the Samurai code as he moves through the underworld crime scene, avoiding getting hit.


        Glad you liked it. Seems a few folks have at least given it a play for a nice change.Have a good one.
      • 7:12 - Robz Parker: ..I had uploaded the 'wrong' version of this tune and Uvumi,so far, can't let you re-upload a track so I had to delete the original and with it all Stats and comments.Please let me know which version you prefer and the old one can always be put back up.
  • May
    • 1 comment on song Beijafloorfiller3
      • 8:48 - geronimodeleon: A real workhorse!
        I'm gonna put this on
        the next time I'm in a multi tasking frenzy!
        Nice sparse use of "electronics"
        compliments the vocals and percussion well.
  • May
  • May
    • 2 comments on song Nu Clave Gruv Cool Ed 2
      • 13:50 - geronimodeleon: Quantize Mechanic?
      • 9:50 - Robz Parker: It's one of the older tracks so I had to play it myself to remember the organ part. Praise indeed as I can't play keyboards to save myself....the wonders of Quantisation, eh?
  • May
  • Mar
    • 1 comment on song 2nd Cousins
      • 10:01 - Robz Parker: I think the tags are all screwed up because when I uploaded them, I added some tags to the first tune, got bored, logged off and then found they ALL hadf the same tags....the downtempo is probably my fault but for a different track !
        Glad you liked it.
  • Mar
    • 1 comment on song 2nd Cousins
      • 18:02 - Digdug: what a great catchy tune :-) Ha, I tagged it upbeat and someone else tagged it downtempo. Weird.

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ReportVoodoo Emissions - MusicVoodoo Emissions - Music

  • Location: West Kilbride, United Kingdom


   The Carbon Lounge

The Carbon Lounge cover art

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Record date: Unknown

A collection of tunes from cArBoNeMiSsIoNs and The Voodoo Lounge, brought together by the power the Interwebnet (and extreme apathy)
Tunes are collected from a back catalogue stretching back ten years or so.

Track list

  Track Title Artist Duration Added  
   1 Blow Thru Here Voodoo Emissions 05:50 2010-02-26
   2 Blue Beige Beasty Voodoo Emissions 06:55 2010-02-26  
   3 Blueboy Earthbeat Voodoo Emissions 05:46 2010-02-26  
   4 Beijafloorfiller3 Voodoo Emissions 08:05 2010-02-26
   5 Circular Sci-Fi Thots Voodoo Emissions 06:19 2010-02-26  
   6 Crouzin Voodoo Emissions 07:55 2010-02-26
   7 Deerumnbassier Voodoo Emissions 04:45 2010-02-26  
   8 It Breathes Again Voodoo Emissions 08:52 2010-02-28
   9 Move On Mad March Mix Voodoo Emissions 05:35 2010-03-02  
   10 Mouthtube Stop Voodoo Emissions 05:10 2010-03-02  
   11 2nd Cousins Voodoo Emissions 06:53 2010-03-02  
   13 Locketindhouse 3 Re-edit Voodoo Emissions 07:39 2010-03-15  
   13 Everyrestlessnight Voodoo Emissions 08:01 2010-03-15  
   14 Nu Clave Gruv Cool Ed 2 Voodoo Emissions 06:10 2010-03-15  
   15 Ick Ick Ocka Ocka Voodoo Emissions 06:47 2010-05-02
   17 Way Of The Breathless Dog Voodoo Emissions 06:06 2010-06-05

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