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    Left by Rainer Eric, on May 24, 2017 - 7:54
    Tinnitus seems to be a warning system too. If it gets louder take care.

    Adventure day for me means to make the most out of it: adventure, travelling, having intelligent fun (with a mouse), taking pics and telling a story with the pics. I need to be creative.

    My camera sensor is okay. I shouldn't use the electronic shutter if there is artificial light. Next time I'll choose the mechanical one. The new Jazz pics on flickr are somewhere in the middle in between. I reworked older ones and they therefore appear on top.

    When we tell each other things about ourselves the reply often is: like me. Another detail: it seems to me that my filters are not too strong: I receive lots of information, through my ears, my eyes and concerning feelings. One way to deal with it is being creative, I guess. Fortunately I'm a kind of information junkie. As long as it's the right kind of information it's okay.

    Question: are you Gwendolyn Skryfet. I like the songs. Totally over the top.
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