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  • geronimodeleon's picture
    Left by geronimodeleon, on Mar 25, 2010 - 10:46
    I've thought about you in the past several months, and am now finally making it to your page here. Its good to hear your work again : )
    Blessings for you and yours!
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    • Left by Burro Music, on Mar 30, 2010 - 9:48
      Hello Geronimodeleon and thanks so much for paying me a visit and having a listen to my music. I'm looking forward to joining in at FOOD and I really like the photography there on the group page. Is that your work?
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      • geronimodeleon's picture
        Left by geronimodeleon, on Mar 30, 2010 - 10:55
        The Dundrennan Reservoir Outflow photo's
        (and mp3 samples) were posted by Robz Parker.
        To date, the rest of the images are mine
        (as well as the ones on my home page).
        Thanks for the encouraging words : )

        I welcome contributions of either sound or image to FOOD.
        Robz pretty much demonstrated the format
        I envisioned that contributions would take;
        he produced an album of material,
        and posted it to FOOD, with attribution.
        Nobody's done it yet, but the same protocol would work fine for submitting photos.

        I've often meant to tell you that I like your sense of image as well.
        -"Haunted" is really nice!
        -"Hello" always makes me : )

        It's been awhile since I've been in Denton.
        I expect its starting to warm up a bit?
        Blessings for you and yours!
    • Left by Burro Music, on Apr 9, 2010 - 13:26
      Yes it is very nice right now; we live for spring & fall in this area because of the miserable winters and withering summers you know.

      Also, thanks for the kind words about the photos which are all done by my wife- cheers.
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