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Composer: Eric Kean and Van Wampler

Recorded and mixed by Van and Eric at Kean Sound.


The Song Began
(that's the title, not a statement about how the song starts…)
Copyright 2010 - Eric Kean and Van Wampler

Walking through the bitter rain
And down the lane again
Step by step, always on my own

How it came, the night began
In the clouds appeared the stain
Of the full moon in the sky alone

In a halo of light it seemed
I saw a couple singing
The song they sang carried a loving tone

It went…
We are together
You are the only one

Found myself watching the people dance
Sitting surrounded by love's romance
Gazing as my drink warmed in my hand

White dress beauty across the room
At the jukebox with her groom
Together, flipping through the bands

Waited till the song before
Ended, then they took the floor
The room went quiet as the song began


Early morning, bitter cold
Saw her crossing down the road
Shivering as she went along

Sounds of city everywhere
Snowflakes landing in her hair
We stood waiting for the train to come

Offered my coat to keep her warm
Protected her though the storm
Waiting for the train so very long

On the ride she asked my name
Who I was and where I'd been
As we talked the radio played a song


ReportVan Wampler - The Song BeganVan Wampler - The Song Began

  • Founded: June 2004
  • Location: Boulder, Colorado, United States of America
  • Label: self produced


The Song Began    The Song Began

  • Title: The Song Began
  • Artist: Van Wampler & Eric Kean
  • Duration: 00:05:00
  • Played: 488

World Premier on Uvumi!

A charming love song by Van Wampler and Eric Kean. The song features Van and Eric playing their ukuleles for an interesting and different sound.

This is a brand new song, and Van and Eric would appreciate your feedback.

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