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  • Location: Los Angeles, California, United States of America
  • Label: independant

Charles Anthony Blankenship (born March 11th, 1985 in San Bernardino, California), better known as Troof Be Told, is a rising solo hip hop artist that has launched his career without the benefit of a major label. Troof Be Told is best known throughout Southern California, for packing out countless clubs, and tearing down the house with his unique charismatic music, and his demanding stage presence. His name, music, looks, and streets vibe has gained him numerous fans far beyond what this young artist has expected, all in a short amount of time. He has been going hard with his music for a number of years, and has worked together with many other rap artists developing his skills, but has now decided to focus on solo projects, putting together the best music records he could, with a focus on that 'next sound'. He creates unique music that he knows his peers could rock their heads to. While putting together thoughts about his own life experiences, and paying close attention to rhyming patters/word-play, while following all of this with a catchy hook, Troof Be Told is able to capture listener's attention. Troof Be Told is comfortable in the booth recording music because he makes music that is unique to his own life, yet is able to present it in a manner to which many can relate. He has gained a name for himself throughout his city by not only writing and recording all of his own music, but also for writing and producing for many other developing singers and hip hop artists. You can hear in each song he makes the passion that he has for his music career, and his sound is bound to change the future of music. His voice flows over each beat, as he pronounces his words with a swagger that is not common with the majority of Southern Californian hip hop artist.


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