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ReportTracy WittmanTracy Wittman

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  • Age: 59
  • Location: Billings, Montana, United States of America
  • Label: winterlake records

Tracy Wittman

Sometimes things just stick to ya! For a lot of people it's Tracy's powerful vocals and demanding stage presence. Born in Billings, Montana in 1962, music was always around him. When he was born his grandfather looked at his hands and said "he's gonna be a piano player just like me". At a very young age his mom and dad bought an upright piano and from there the music just started coming out. During the next couple of years while playing piano recitals he also picked up guitar while playing with his cousins from Hardin, Montana. He was on a roll and was poised to make it big!! Playing in bands and with friends and family became an obsession!! All he wanted was to be a music star!! During Tracy's young adult life music took a back seat for a few years. In 1986 he met his current wife Sue. She loved to listen him play the piano and guitar at home. In 1998 his life took a drastic change with the passing of his Father. He was Tracy's Hero. He always told Tracy don't ever give up on your dreams. Well he couldn't bare to stay in Billings and had to get away. That's when his life changed forever in a good way. In 2000 Tracy and his wife moved to Kansas City, Ks. One day he decided to audition for a band playing bass!! At the same time another guy, Michael Turner from K.C. was there also to audition. Neither of them joined the band but soon became a household name in the Kansas City music scene!! They became best friends and got together and formed what is today No Boundries! In 2004 they released their debut cd "I'm Livin it." Although it was never a smash be cause of marketing issues, they were invited to Nashville to meet with the late Ron Cotton of Red Horse Records to possibly sign a recording contract. Again nothing transpired but Tracy and Michael kept pushing forward. While there they went up and down music row handing out their songs and bios hoping for a break. Their songs have been heard by Sony music Executives, BMI staff and a wide array of musical entities across the nation from L.A. to Nashville and beyond. In 2006 they signed a co-production contract with the late great Ben Wiesman. Ben wrote almost 60 of Elvis's songs and was very pleased with the musical talent Tracy And Michael Brought to the table. In 2005 Tracy and his wife moved back to Billings for family reasons. Even though they are over 1000 miles apart, Tracy and Michael are still best friends, write together and have over 500 full production songs under their belts. Tracy Started a small recording studio in Billings and things just went wild!! While doing some small time jobs recording singers, musicians, jingles and playing when he could, he met Nashville recording artist and Manager Beau Powers! Beau listened to Tracy sing on stage and that was all it took. He told Tracy, "you are a diamond in the rough and it is time for the world to embrace your God Given Talent"!! Like fine wine once you pop the cork, an amazingly haunting and powerful voice comes alive and there will be no stopping this musical firestorm on the horizon. Now we're cookin!!!!!!!!!!


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