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The West End's Members

Luke Fragnito - songwriter, producer, vocals, multi-instrumentalistLuke Fragnito - songwriter, producer, vocals, multi-instrumentalist

  • Age: 38
  • Location: Newark, New Jersey, United States of America
  • Label: arson records music group, jw ravenet artist management, lucasray music publishing

My life has been one obsessive phase after another. My lifelong infatuation with music, however, is the one exception. To me, music is life. There is nothing more honest and pure in this world than music. Yet, at the same time, there is nothing more mysterious than music and the various emotions it lends to the human experience. It is all so primitive and spiritual at the same time.
But, to speak more specifically (music can put me in the clouds one moment and on the streets of NY the next), I started my musical journey at a rather young age, learning the piano and teaching myself the drums. The only formal musical training I have belongs to the few years I spent in piano lessons, learning theory and appropriate technique, god forbid. (I must admit, all these years later, I am grateful for the lessons, which provided me with a strong musical foundation as well as a deep understanding of music theory, something that is truly indispensable). After the drum kit and piano, I picked up the guitar. My father taught me what he could, and the Beatles filled in the rest. About three years ago, I taught myself the bass. Though it began somewhat out of necessity, I've come to really enjoy playing bass and feel as though I understand it quite well. I've always thought of myself as a singer, but I feel as though I've just started to discover my true voice (or voices). As of today, I continue to write and perform music - mainly rock 'n roll, in all its many faces - and I've also started to do a lot of producing, arranging, and studio-recording for other bands and artists. I enjoy having creative alternatives. As a producer, my natural role is that of objective co-visionary. The artist, and their work, benefit from my perspective and my detachment from the piece. The natural position of the artist is exactly the opposite. When I am writing or performing a song, I aim to experience the piece as subjectively and intimately as possible. But, regardless of whatever role we may play in its creation, good music is sensual as well as intellectual, relevant and also timeless. At its best, music should whisk us from our reality, lift us beyond the mundane in a flurry of mental stimulation and emotional flight. At its best, music does indeed change the world.

Role(s) in the band: songwriter, producer, vocals, multi-instrumentalist

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