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ReportThe Walla RecoveryThe Walla Recovery

  • Location: Fort Worth, Texas, United States of America


The Walla Recovery invites you to step off of the platform of nostalgic "what-ifs" and embark on a journey away from unfulfilled longing and toward sacred forgetfulness. Not as those who have finished the journey, the boys of Walla have been chasing the mystery since 2001.

The band's latest EP, With Trembling... respects the audience with its brutal honesty while challenging them to adopt its expectant hope. Consisting of pilgrims Brandon Reynolds (percussion), Jonathan Kaylor (cello/guitar), Justin Luningham (bass/cello), and singer-songwriter Zack Smith (guitar/vocals), The Walla Recovery offers euphonic versatility and familiarity with each live and studio listen.

These trepidatious troubadours have travelled from Austin to Alabama, Florida back to Fort Worth, near Zack's childhood home on Walla Ave. The release of With Trembling... marks the most significant stride the band has taken in its trek together. The next one promises to be bigger.

It's been a long road alone
I'll try not to be lonely and I'll try to keep a smile
But if you'd come along if not for the journey then just to rest my feet a while
I may endure another mile

Fear and wonder. Risk and reward. The Walla Recovery and you.


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