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snow in the rain making fun of the sun try to mock its way back home
but the orchids grow in the thunder storm making way for a good day
making way for a good day

tall trees begin to rot away giving way to the younger sprouts
and the animals start to embark on a journey where they can be safe
away, from the cruel fate

we made it go back home, we do
we made it grow in the storm, we do
we made the old trees rot, we do
we wrote the cruel fate

corporate buildings grow like most kinds of mushrooms after the melting snow
people hunt down the stocks like hawks hyenas vultures coyotes munch on carrions
carcasses and carrions

Overweight and not appealing persons are ignored and teased and bullied for the rest of their lives
This is human's way of applying the concept of survival of the fittest
Hey, our road you shall not pave, for

we made the buildings grow, we do
we hunt like scavengers, we do
we swallow whole who lose, we do
we eat carrions too

we create the stupid par, we do
isolate the free-willed ones, we do
Thank God, from the apprenticed benighted birdbrained cretinous dense,
green illiterate imbecilic in the dark inexperienced insensible,

mindless, misinformed, moronic, naive, nescient,
oblivious, obtuse, shallow, thick, unconversant,

unconscious, uncultivated, uncultured, untaught,
uneducated, unenlightened, uninitiated, uninformed,

unsuspecting, unlearned, unlettered, unintellectual,
unmindful, unread, unschooled, unknowledgeable,

untrained, unwitting, witless ones, we do
we wrote the cruel fate

acid in the rain playing with the sun try to burn more than few holes
and antropa belladonnas grow in the cyclone making way for a grim day
making way for a grim day

ReportThe Venopian Solitude - Mother Nature & Father Man-MadeThe Venopian Solitude - Mother Nature & Father Man-Made

Thevenopiansolitude's picture
  • Founded: December 1990
  • Location: Rahsia, Malaysia
  • Label: venopia.


  • Suiko Takahara

Mother Nature & Father Man-Made    Mother Nature & Father Man-Made

  • Title: Mother Nature & Father Man-Made
  • Artist: The Venopian Solitude
  • Duration: 00:02:47
  • Played: 215

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