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ReportThe Polish Ambassador - MusicThe Polish Ambassador - Music

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  • Founded: January 2006
  • Location: Oakland, California, United States of America
  • Label: jumpsuit records


  • David Sugalski

   Diplomatic Immunity

Diplomatic Immunity cover art

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Record date: Feb 16th, 2006

Unfortunately, certain nations still do not recognize my status as an ambassador. Perhaps it is because I am "without birth certificate". They seem to be missing the point. I am an ambassador to the universe. It really pains me that on the great planet of Hopskotch Lippy, I have my own country, a free E-Z pass through the Orbital Qwan Skyway, and a sanitation system named after me. But here, I share a two bedroom, one bath in-law apartment with a concubine robot named Trudy.

I made this album to demonstrate my apptitude for an ambassadorial position, specifically to Poland, a nation whose political and cultural merits are often overlooked. I'm not quite sure if its official yet, but someone keeps sending me a weekly package of Makowiec. Please listen to and purchase this album and then contact your local and national government authorities to inform them of my Diplomatic Immunity. Thank

Track list

  Track Title Artist Duration Added  
   1 Amoeba Party Polish Ambassador, The 03:56 2010-01-26  
   2 Apple Juice Break Polish Ambassador, The 00:33 2010-01-26  
   3 Banana Bread Break Polish Ambassador, The 01:25 2010-01-26  
   4 Bikini Break Polish Ambassador, The 01:04 2010-01-26  
   5 Crunching Numbers Polish Ambassador, The 09:15 2010-01-26  
   6 Cryovaced Space Noodles Break Polish Ambassador, The 00:44 2010-01-26  
   7 Digital Loveless Polish Ambassador, The 01:34 2010-01-26  
   8 Earth Versus the World Polish Ambassador, The 04:16 2010-01-26  
   9 Exiting the Womb The Polish Ambassador 03:22 2010-01-26
   10 Fax Travel Polish Ambassador, The 02:50 2010-01-26  
   11 Get Your Damn Hands Off My Synthesizer Polish Ambassador, The 02:29 2010-01-26  
   12 Infiltrating the UN Polish Ambassador, The 03:12 2010-01-26  
   13 I Wish I Was an Earthworm The Polish Ambassador 01:18 2010-01-26
   14 London Telecommunicating Polish Ambassador, The 03:20 2010-01-26  
   15 Mechanical Lumberjack Polish Ambassador, The 03:32 2010-01-26  
   16 Not Without My Chapstick Polish Ambassador, The 02:24 2010-01-26  
   17 Oxygenating Mars Polish Ambassador, The 02:42 2010-01-26  
   18 Robot Motivation Polish Ambassador, The 03:37 2010-01-26  
   19 Space Escalade Polish Ambassador, The 03:15 2010-01-26  
   20 Steamed Shrimp Break Polish Ambassador, The 01:52 2010-01-26  
   21 The Birth of Yellow Polish Ambassador, The 01:13 2010-01-26  
   22 The Lonely Perch The Polish Ambassador 03:43 2010-01-26
   23 The Sweet Potato Shuffle Polish Ambassador, The 03:38 2010-01-26  
   24 Where Have You Gone Carl Yastrzemski The Polish Ambassador 02:42 2010-01-26

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