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  • Feb
    • 1 comment on song The Riddle of Your Tears
      • 20:10 - okidoky: Hi.
        I tried to get the song from Amazon and Itunes
        but I couldnt find the song.
        where can I get it?
  • Feb
  • Feb
    • 1 comment on song What I've Done (Demo)
      • 10:17 - October Skye: I can't wait for the complete version of this. :) Your vocals to the lyrics are moving as always. And yeah, I can definitely relate somewhat.
  • Feb
  • Feb
    • 5 comments on song What I've Done (Demo)
      • 15:21 - Andrew Lothian: thanks for the feedback, i'm sorry it doesn't have exactly what you're looking for. I guess that's art for you. I appreciate the feedback and am curious to know what you think of my other stuff. thanks again!
      • 15:20 - Andrew Lothian: Glad you could connect with it, a fully orchestrated version is coming soon! :)
      • 15:19 - Andrew Lothian: Yeah it's just a demo/foundation. I'm working on the fully orchestrated version write now and if it doesn't have the "umph" you're looking for then I don't know what to do. I've never been more excited about something than this version coming up. Keep you eyes open, it'l be up before you know it!
      • 7:13 - blujuwel: the new song. The piano and melody fit the mood. I find it beautiful and sad.
      • 6:17 - Chas Connolly: Realy like the new song, but Cesar is right, it lack that's umph! your music usually has.
        Still only a demo, so a couple of sleepless nights should sort it out:-)

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ReportThe Nobodies - MusicThe Nobodies - Music

  • Founded: March 2008
  • Location: Glenview, Illinois, United States of America
  • Label: alostudios (not real)
  • Press kit: pdf zip


  • Andrew Lothian


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Record date: Unknown

Track list

  Track Title Artist Duration Added  
   1 Blue Eyes (If You'd Like It) The Nobodies 03:32 2010-01-25  
   2 The Riddle of Your Tears The Nobodies 03:59 2010-01-26  
   3 What I've Done (Demo) The Nobodies 03:27 2010-02-11  

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