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ReportThe Jackson BrothersThe Jackson Brothers

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  • Founded: August 1999
  • Location: Eureka, California, United States of America


  • Cary Ozanian


Their lives on the streets taught them to play the blues right. "Blues don't come from practice, it comes from the soul."

Their down and dirt blues rock will get your toe tapping and head shaking;

Then, you'll be asking for more.

So, the next time you are you are down, when your woman left you, lost your job, or have a million dollar mortage;go get some beers and check out the Jackson Brothers

motorcycle jackson started chasin' wolves and huntin deers on his motorcycle in the back country of monatana at the age of five. living in a cave with his motorcycle and laso, motorcycle started beatin the skins while sittin in the light of the campfire and the stars above. drafted by harpdog one warm summer day, motorcyle was intiated into the jackson brothers and the SQCDP. nothing revs motorcycles motor than drinking highlifes with the boys, jammin' and scorin'.

Mud Pit is the oldest of the four brothers. He was put in charge of the other three at the age of eight when their mother died in a New Orleans brothel. When he was nine he ran away because the stress of raising three brothers was too much for him. For the next several years he traveled with hobos and ex-cons learning the true meaning of the blues. He played with notables such as Jared Fisher of the Jared Fisher Band, The Lizard Friends, Scratchcoat Brown, Color of Jazz, DJ Mud P, Jeff Morrison & The Cheerleading Daisy, The Little Joeys, The Liver Spots and The New Originals. He wasn't satisfied with these bands so he found his brothers and helped form the legendary Jackson Brothers.

harp dog jackson is the third child in the jackson family. He was hit hardest by his father's tragic heroine overdose. he learned to play the harp when he was 6 when his mama bought him his very own huang silvertone delux. harp dog loves his mama. harp dog, detroit and his friend old dirty navy started the gang sqcdp, the SeQuoia Creek Dawg Pound, which later included the other Jackson brothers. harp dog loves nothin more than drinkin high life and cappin some cuttn' bloks.

Detroit Jackson never liked his industrial-reaking home town, but everything about it is a part of him. His blood is motor oil. His nervous system is engine parts. His heart is the cold hard steel from a 1981 station wagon. He stole his first guitar when he was eleven. He tried toplay it on the street corners to bring home cash for his moma, but it was an electric guitar with out an amp, so no one could hear him. he got mad and began hitting the guitar against a "Don't Walk" sign, and this got people's attention. He's been playing rock & roll ever since.


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