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  • blog post Report Street Cypher III International Mix Tape

    Mark Howell
    Posted on Jul 12, 2013 - 20:45 by Mark Howell
    Street Cypher III The Final Round has reached its pinnacle of the ever popular International Mix Tape Series. Known for its global variety this particular time around the Producers take over. 14 to be exact different producers represent one part of every continent except the land down under. Returning to boards vets like Frosty Fin, JYNX, J1K and Constant Elevation are joined by pro producers like Dalib, Emef, Xian, Deathstar, J Beats, A June and Per C Wells. Trust me when I say we're going out with a bang and now that this monumental series comes to a close, I'd like to thank everyone who has been apart of this. The gift of building lasting bonds is our reward and the network of Street Cypher warriors will progress the movement that we all set out to conquer. Now is the time to collect the whole saga "STREET CYPHER"!!!
    Producer List and Location
    J1K Maryland, US
    Constant Elevation Lithuania
    Emef Slovakia
    Dalib Slovakia
    Epic Beats Albuquerque, US
    Frosty Fin Finland
    Xian Bengali
    Ill-a-str8d Albuquerque, US
    Grand Architect Fort Collins, US
    JYNX Albuquerque, US
    J Beats Columbia
    A June South Korea
    Per C Wells Aztec, US
    DeathStar South Africa
  • blog post Report Tres Amigos Super Single Featuring Percee P, Grand Architect and Evolution

    Mark Howell
    Posted on Mar 1, 2013 - 22:45 by Mark Howell
    Its Official

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: "Tres Amigos" including special guest appearance by Percee P, Grand Architect and Evolution; Will be one of the many oncoming onslaught singles to stack towards Grand Architect debut solo "Endangered Species" LP!

    2012 MC Evolution had performed a show in Slat Lake City, UT opening up for college chart topper George Life. After the aftermath G Life and Evo linked up in the studio and was offered a choice between two Percee P verses as payment and a token of good will. Once Evo was able to show the verse to Grand Architect history was already in the making. Ill-a-str8d's fresh flamenco style instrumental accentuated the ongoing "Amigo" word and theme. Percee's vocals rooted themselves into the beat and made for amazing result. Already seeing the project growing to an immense scale, Grand Architect implemented the use of new found affiliates based in Columbia, J Beat of the Neckbreakers (Big Bang Latino) and South Korean super producer/engineer A June to handle the professional mixing and mastering. Basically get ready for Hip Hop history to be documented and make sure to become apart of the record books by Pre-Ordering your copy from CD Baby, Bandcamp, I Tunes etc... Dropping 4/20/2013
    released 20 April 2013
    Title: Tres Amigos
    Artists: Percee P, Grand Architect and Evolution
    Produced By: Ill-a-str8d
    Mixed and Mastered By: J Beat and A June
    Record Label(s): Cook Book Records, Stones Throw and Big Bang Latino
    Release Date: 4/20/2013

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