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  • Mario Strack


Guest vocals by MC Frontalot.


Reality is broken
and that's without a doubt
A disconnect between what you
put in and you get out

divided we,
press on and on and on
I brought my plastic ball so that you all can sing along

(The) world will only distract me from my great work
that's why I built this plastic submarine
you're sharper than anyone
put your sleeping pills away
and your good ideas will tuck you in at night

Liberty and justice
are trivial pursuits
My game is entertainment,
and I'm seeking new recruits.
So, Why don't you do what you want to do, while you still can?
We all plastic suits so that you can't tell who's a man!


Power corrupts you
But we don't know about that.
I heard you were voodoo
Now we've come
to collect your ass.

you might have littered the landscape with dishonest promises
released under the ocean on your own reconnaissance
anonymous, covered up in hardened up petroleum
laying lowly when the sonar pings. the ball is rolling then
to anywhere, independent oxygen
the onboard cabinet resplendent with intoxicant
the talk you meant to share is echo from the hull
and the clicking of the instruments resurges every lull
every bowl every glass every bubble every breath
descend until you're out of ocean, nothing left
should've guessed your contraption was gonna need winding
staring out the window into darkness like you need reminding
designed for finding distraction from the vastness
of the surface world and its open-air harassments
rotate the gas vents, fish flow in
you've been working on it too long, let it begin

ReportThe Grammar Club - Plastic SubmarineThe Grammar Club - Plastic Submarine

Thegrammarclub's picture
  • Founded: May 2007
  • Location: Unspecified
  • Label: unsigned


Plastic Submarine    Plastic Submarine

  • Title: Plastic Submarine
  • Artist: The Grammar Club
  • Duration: 00:05:00
  • Played: 969

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