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  • blog post Report Taking Just Slightly Less Time to Complete Than Duke Nukem Forever

    Shael Riley
    Posted on Jan 29, 2010 - 11:00 by Shael Riley
    Oh Jesus Christ. It's 2010 and we're still directing, from our Flash site, to our MySpace blog. Shouldn't this whole thing be handled with HTML 5 or something?

    [Edit:]this is reposted from a MySpace blog I wrote a few days ago; I may well start directing to our Uvumi Blog next time I update our wbesite.

    Well, anyway. Zircon is mastering finished tracks from our new EP right now, and we're finishing the tracks that aren't finished. If you'd like to encourage Beefy to finish writing the one song he hasn't written verses for, that would be a lark, wouldn't it? Go to Beefyness.com. His email address is on his website. Don't tell him I put you up to it, because he'll probably get mad. I'll pretend it's because of that one time I beat him 19 out of 20 matches at Street Fighter 4, in front of his small adoptive child, but deep down I'll know it's because I sent anyone reading this blog to go bother him. You know what? On second thought, don't. I'll handle Beefy myself.

    Maybe I should explain why it's taking so long:

    Adam! disappeared, and then re-appeared, and then disappeared again. This all took place over maybe fifteen months. Adam! had been essential to the group, acting as arranger and final arbiter of what went into an arrangement. Only Adam!, in our experience, had the production and arrangement chops to take the disparate musical contributions of me, Beefy, Glenn (formerly), and Snyder (now Kaspirov) and turn them into a cohesive song (with the addition of his own performance, in addition to arrangement and production). So, when he was started maintaining email silence for months at a time, the project pretty much ground to a complete halt. Ultimately, Adam! does contribute some hot bass guitar on our new EP but, with his irregular availability, we decided to get someone else to arrange and produce the whole thing.

    We settled on Dual Core's C64, who has been doing some really exciting things with us that I can't wait to show off. By the time we started working with him, though, we'd already lost a lot of time hemming and hawing about where Adam! might be and if or when we should replace him. Sorry, guys. It's hard to make a virtual band work, but we're still plugging away.

    Also, Glenn left the band, and we replaced him with Ailsean and Mustin, on guitar and bass respectively. They're both great, but Grammar Club has always only been as fast and prolific as its slowest and least prolific member. That could be anyone at any one time--it's always changing, as people's lives get more or less busy and they're able to devout more or less time to The Grammar Club. Shit, I mean, it's even been me once or twice. Anyway, adding another member to the group slowed us down exponentially. I love the work we're doing, in our big, fat, awesome form, but, for our album after this one, I am looking at scaling us back, for speed, and maybe doing something with just Beefy and Dan (Snyder/Kaspirov--the kid loves a name change).

    So there you have it. We really, really have been recording, and writing a lot of demos in these two years since Bremelanotide was released, and now we've got something new that's really cooking. Some tracks are already being mastered and we're finishing others.

    So that's it. Thanks for reading. We never went away.

    Next on the agenda: getting our store back online and updating our website.

    Oh, and on the off chance you don't, follow me on Twitter. I'm @ShaelRiley.


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