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People create themselves without realizing it. In many ways artists do the same, although the process is more deliberate. With people you spend time getting to know them to understand the identity they create for themselves. You gain insights into who they are and where they are going from the things they give their time and energy to and what
they do with it. With artists you can start with their name.

When an artist sets about creating the identity he (or she) will give their life to they envision who they want to be, what they want to share, what drives them, and then they create a name that speaks to that image in mind. With that in mind the type of Hip Hop group that Team Prolific is shouldn’t be hard to fathom.

First and foremost Team Prolific is a Team of MC’s. They didn’t come together for the fame, money, or comfort. They came together to make music. They came together to form a Hip Hop family like the greats of old where every member brought something different and vital to the table; where the group mattered more than the individual; where the goal mattered more than the present.

Second in order, but not second in importance, they came together with the intent to be Prolific. The dictionary will tell you that Prolific means to produce in great abundance in both works and results. I will tell you that this team formed to produce great works and to achieve great results. The work is in and the results are coming. From their first release, “Pump Ya fist”, dropped in 2004 the group has released 3 installments in their ‘Live From The O” mix tape series and has started off 2010 strong with a theme based mix tape in February for the ladies, multiple mix tape appearances, collaborative mix tapes with two of Germany’s top DJ’s, Dj Decane and Dj Danny T, early and mid-year Team Prolific mix tapes in “Teamprolific.com The Sampler” and “Now and Never”, and plan to start 2011 off right with the release of their first EP “The Movement”. The hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. The Pro’s “Getting Down” was licensed in the Fall of 2010 by Alli Sports,Inc. for a skate montage video featuring MTV’s Ryan Sheckler from “My Life with Ryan”.

Like with any good team, the ties that bind the members of Team Prolific together are old and deep. The members of the team have been making music together in one form or another since 1997. First up you have Neme (pronounce Nemi) who started off as the primary producer for the group but has blossomed into a strong producer on the mic as well. Neme grew up in Orlando, FL by way of Brooklyn, and Jamaican parents. His rhyme scheme is as varied and mature as his past and he enjoys calling on all of his varied experiences to drive his music. In this the name proves significant as well. Neme is short for nemesis, and if Neme has an enemy its being untrue to his music. He’s no more interested in being different for the sake of being different than he is with following the beaten path.

Next up is Flamez. He grew up in the Bronx and relocated to Florida in High School. As his name indicates his desire is to always deliver words that burn, and like with the Team’s desire to be Prolific, he succeeds. Known through High School as always burning down every cypher that he steps into and annihilating the competition, Flamez has a fearless delivery and is a monster on the beat. He seamlessly moves from metaphor to metaphor and paints a vivid picture for the listening ear.

Last but not least we have Zin O.d the youngest member of Prolific. Hailing from Florida, Zin grew up in a heavy musical family and has an old musical soul. The last addition to the Team he came into his own under Flamez and Neme, and with a style unlike anybody else, Zin can switch flows at a drop of a hat. In his first performance with the Team Zin proved beyond a shadow how he earned the name O.d., having to be restrained after overflowing on the mic during his introductory free style.

If you go to a Team Prolific show you’ll hear people shouting out that it’s a movement, and the more you listen to them the more you’ll get caught up in it. Team Prolific is bringing something vital back to hip hop. The movement is coming.


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