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ReportMiss MariannaMiss Marianna

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  • Age: 38
  • Location: Los Angeles / Bay Area, California, United States of America
  • Label: uniquely wrapp'd entertainment

When a star is born it is destined to struggle and evolve, until it illuminates a force beyond measure. Dazing even the most experienced of her kind, Miss Marianna is new to the airwaves but true to the game. As a child of the 80's popular hip hop movement, she chose performing arts over the effects of cracks aftermath. The microphone to be specific, spoken word was the vehicle that propelled her beyond the limitations of urban decline. By high school Miss Marianna joined the ASU Poetry Exchange and became founder of The Blue Room Players (partnering in local venues, hosting poetry workshops and slam team poetry). Which lead to her producing and hosting her very own show The Cipher, a weekly spoken word venue. Soon after, Miss Marianna gained exposure on air as radio personality "Miss Maya on Fire" on KBMB 103.5 The Bomb where she finally became aware of the greatness echoing in her voice.

Miss Marianna possesses the gift of command; At times it's almost surreal to see such a delectable bombshell drop verses potent enough to make even the most raved veteran choke.

Miss Marianna's testimony riddles throughout her lyrical savvy illustrating the voice of a young women's rights of passage from a round-the-way-girl, to a qualified Mistress of Ceremony. Good for women, without dogging the men; addressing the daily journey of self identity, love and struggle. Setting a new standard in an industry where the voice of the female emcee has been long deferred, Miss Marianna is infinite in diversity.

She has performed from California to New York, became a finalist in the world's famous Showtime at the Apollo, opened for hip hop artist Common, and Chino XL, and guest featured on Bay area's own Zion I's overseas release track titled "Act Right". Miss Marianna has made print in The Sacramento Bee, The Sacramento Observer, the Sacramento News & Review, featured on local news stations in Sacramento including Channel 10 News, Channel 31 Good Morning Sacramento, and recent coverage on internet sites DubbCNN.com and Raptalk.net, Miss Marianna has surpassed the local scene, becoming internationally known and respected as a rising icon.

Holding down the title of Cali's Own reigning Queen of the Mic Champion, Miss Marianna dropped her first mixtape with Violator DJ Alvin D, a second mixtape project titled "Miss Marianna: DaLastLaugh", and with her most current LP titled: "To be Cont.." there is a wave of anticipation buzzing on the block for her Debut Album Release.

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