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    Ray Li
    Posted on Jul 7, 2010 - 14:30 by Ray Li
    • Edited By Ray Li on Jul 7, 2010 - 14:38
    Excerpt from:
    (visit to listen and for a free download!)

    UVUMI music link:

    I first want to sincerely apologize that I haven’t released any new music lately. I’ve been pretty busy with school. But now that I’ve graduated from high school, I’m going to have plenty of free time to work on new music over the summer!

    Hopefully I can finish a new album, or perhaps just an EP before I head off to college!

    Anyhow, this new song is something completely new and different for me. It is the first song I’m publishing that has vocals in it. And I had a lot of fun experimenting with vocal effects and overlaying my voice (hopefully I didn’t overdo it!). To be honest, this could probably be classified as kind of a soft/alternative rock-ish song. But for those of you who are fans of my instrumental stuff, don’t worry! I plan to continue making instrumental/orchestral pieces also. This is just me trying to expand my musical horizons (plus, I love singing).

    Lastly, I put a lot of passion into this song. It is more personally significant to me than anything else I’ve written before. I really hope that all of my emotions come through in this song.

    Note: This is still a BETA version of the song. My compulsive self will probably change it a bit before publishing a final album version. As such, I welcome all feedback! If you have any suggestions for improvement, I’m open to hearing them and just might use them ;) .

    Questions for you:
    1. Could you tell what I was singing before reading the lyrics?
    2. Do you think the section from 5:10 – 5:16 (the bit between the last chorus and the alternate chorus where I narrate “can you spin time in reverse”) is a good addition, or does it seem out of place?
    3. Do you think the vocal overlays are overdone?
    4. General thoughts!

    Thanks for listening :) , and please leave a comment!

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