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    Suzen JueL
    Posted on Feb 1, 2010 - 6:00 by Suzen JueL
    I read through everything... at least I thought I did, and I've noticed a lot of musicians are putting up a lot of covers. This isn't like T61, and I'm certain that unless all of you have direct permission from the original artists, that you are stepping on copyright issues.
    I LOVE a good Cover, in fact, I really wanted to put several up....
    but after reading all that fine print, I have not seen where we artists have any permission to do a cover, unless by the Original Artist themselves.
    Am I wrong?
    Ignore this if I am wrong....I'm just concerned that there are quite a string of legalities if you post another Musicians song...Unless they have been dead 80 years, or they have given you permission, personally...and you can show it in writing, or of course anything in Creative Commons,it's best you keep only your Originals on here....Just sayin....

    Much Peace......

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