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  • Age: 50
  • Location: Charles Town, West Virginia, United States of America
  • Label: boundup productions


Real Name: Chris "STR1KER" Bound
Sign: Aquarius
D.O.B.: 02/15/71
Born: Silver Spring, MD
Raised: Harper’s Ferry, WV
Currently residing: Harper’s Ferry, WV
Top 3 Influences: Pink Floyd, Rush, Van-Halen
Multi-talents: Mother, Female Alpha Wolf, Executive Administration, Web Designer, Graphics Artistry
Musical Multi-talents: Vocals, Lyrics, Composition, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Clarinet, Sax, Flute
Live Rig: Carvin RL1015 (1000W Red Line 4x10, 1x15 Stack), Custom Ibanez SRX505TK(a.k.a. "Gollum"), Washburn Electric / Acoustic, Yamaha Pro-Line Alto Sax, Vito Custom Wooden Clarinet

Favorite Quote / Words of Wisdom: “Anything is possible”, “Nothing beats a failure but a try”, “An’ it harm None, do what Thou wilt”, “See no race, creed, religion, or preference, WE ARE ALL HUMAN & EQUAL!”, “Refuse to conform to the norm!”

Chris was raised far enough out of the city to enjoy the mountain life and nature in Harper's Ferry, WV, yet close enough to Washington, DC to hit all of the concerts. D.A.R. Constitution Hall was where she spent her Sundays growing up, as her musical parents took her to all of the weekend concerts. Now she travels to any venue within reach! NO PLACE is too far for ANY gig.

For her 4th birthday, when asked what she wanted, she asked for a guitar, and Red Lobster. She picked out an acoustic at Victor Litz Music in Silver Spring, MD, and was taken to Red Lobster in Wheaton, MD. That next Christmas, her list added a keyboard. Her godfather, got her 1st keyboard for her on Christmas at age 4. She continued playing both.

At age 11, she added the clarinet to her list. Her uncle being 1st chair in the PA State band, allowed her use of his. She quickly followed in his footsteps of 1st chair clarinetist in concert band, marching band, wind ensemble, and jazz band.

At age 15, she received the Director’s Award for Band, the highest recognition for musical students. When she turned 16, the next year, she took on flute and sax. She also joined a band with fellow classmates, playing originals and heavy metal covers. It was fun, but the progressiveness she was looking for did not exist.

At age 17, she was asked to play boards for a classic rock group that got together for 2 gigs a year. Unlike the schoolmates group, this band was older, more talented, and had serious potential. It was too bad only 2 gigs a year were scheduled. It was enough after being together for 8 years, when Chris lived at Eglin AFB, FL, she would travel 16 hrs, and 976 miles to play for 1 night! As all good things must end, so did this venture, but Chris still will travel to play!

At age 25, Chris put out her solo keyboard album entitled, “Gaea’s Love”. It was a 10 year collective goal set at age 15, and completed 2 weeks before her 25th birthday. It was a success, having airplay in DC, OH, WV, and PA, on new age, jazz and public radio stations.

In 1996, she ended up acquiring a bass guitar, and becoming the bassist for the Andrews AFB based band, “No Brainers”, playing many gigs in many far off places. After being with the No Brainers family for more than several years as the “Bass Bitch”, it was time to change musical direction. Chris wanted something newer, heavier, and more options to play different instrumentation.

In addition to playing with the "No Brainers", she joined forces with John Gross in 2000. They created “Critical Path”, “Cyrus Column”, and “No Existance”. Musical diversity helps one to grow and appreciate the art.

Between 2003 and 2004, she was making trips to Atlanta, GA on occasion to record with her incredibly talented musical genius friend, engineer, and producer, Grant Dawson, (formerly of Empire 44, Sexmusic, Nick Turner, and Side Seat Driver). "Tribal Visions" was released in 2004.

Some of STR1KER’s material has already been covered by other artists such as American Lesley Jane & Beatlesex. To Chris, having someone COVER your material is worth more than ANY "Grammy". Her other material has been released on worldwide compilations such as:
*Bands United Project’s “Bands United II”
*21st Century Digital Remastering’s “Wall of Sound”
*Children First’s “Take Me Home”

For the past several years, Chris has been playing with a Springfield, VA based band known as, "Gene Pool Zombie". After playing the DC/VA/MD music scene for over 25 years, they decided to focus on the creativity and go their own route with original music. Their 1st CD, "Cornerstone", was released in August of 2009. The 2nd CD, "Long Road Home", was released in the summer of 2010. In 2011, they released the 3rd & 4th albums, "The Pawn" and "Shards". The G.P.Z. adventure ended on 2/19/12. It was a great time while it lasted, but time marches onward.

Currently, STR1KER is now playing with "UnWouNd" out of northern MD. UnWouNd is a classic rock, new & old country, as well as what each member brings to the table, (including originals), band. It's a serious breath of fresh aire as far as STR1KER is concerned. She looks forward to the new adventures around each and every turn.

Over the years, Chris has had the great opportunity to befriend and perform with many musical talents, engineers, and producers. Dedication and teamwork is essential in ANY project. Some of her more favorite memories are with composer Hank Levy ("Shenandoah Junction"), the legendary Tim Lawrence, Grant Dawson, Aram Cartozian, Keith Harancher, Dave Tedder, Dave DeMarco, EVICK, No Brainers, Critical Path, Cyrus Column, No Existance, Great Train Robbery, Poison, Bret Michaels, Cinderella, Faster Pussycat, Trick Pony, Sara Evans, Montgomery Gentry, Battery Apple, Dio, Warrant, Firehouse, Plunge, SR-71, Fuel, Ivory Tower Project, Radiodaze, Hydra FX, American Lesley Jane, Beatlesex, Sexmusic, Carol Lowery Styles, & the great tour w/ Cycle Promotions USA.


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