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  • Piotr Lewandowicz

   Cryospace - Between The Lightyears

Cryospace - Between The Lightyears cover art

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Record date: Jul 4th, 2008

Cryogenic dream, endless space and you...
depending on life-support systems.
Onstensible silence and emptiness
surrounding you are only a curtain of what is hidden in your mind,
in your dreams...
you conceal your memories, fears and desires so it's not be stolen by any force.
Every little breath makes you closer to your destination
when semingly unaware you are hanged somewhere between lightyears,
far from well-known world...
the rest is only a matter of time

Forecast and introduction to the project NGC - 4676.
Version CD have form of concept album, without pauses between tracks.
Relaxing music with classical electronic (el-music) style accented with elements of ambient.

Track list

  Track Title Artist Duration Added  
   1 01-cold Alpha Sounder 06:28 2010-10-01  
   2 02-how Many Kiloparsecs Sounder 04:25 2010-10-01  
   3 03-earth Memories Sounder 03:07 2010-10-01  
   4 04-point Of Safe Return Sounder 13:13 2010-10-01  
   5 05-between The Lightyears Sounder 10:45 2010-10-01  
   6 06-half Open Eyes Sounder 08:57 2010-10-01  
   7 07-coma Berenices Sounder 12:53 2010-10-01  

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