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Piotr LewandowiczPiotr Lewandowicz

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  • Age: 47
  • Location: Lodz, Poland

He was born under the sign of Aquarius. At the instance of his father he was interested in music and sound since he was a child. Early years of his life were filled out with typical children's games but also with looking for his favourite music style. In search of his own place in music he was listening to the old longplays and records.
Being under the big impression of the radio programs about electronic and experimental music he has found his artistic way.

The next period was self-improvement at the music field; experiments with acoustics, contact with keyboard, learning the music and perform rules. At the early 90ties the first experiments with electronic tones and edition of the sound took place. Compositions which are made in that time, some of them in the "Amiga Scene", are mainly exercises for the author ;

At the late 90ties Sounder became a leader of the duet Ahblajam and the co-author of the record "Structures". The music on that record is the mix of classical electronic music, ambient, trance and new age. As a result of personal circumstances the group gave the activity up indefinitely. After a few years Sounder decided to start the next solo stage of his creativity.

Role(s) in the band: unknown

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