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  • Location: Roches, France
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Comments (66)Comments (66)

  • Rainer Eric's picture
    Adventure Song
    Left by Rainer Eric, on Oct 8, 2017 - 0:08
    First of all: we discovered your video with music from the wild band of the rough North Gwendolyn Skryfet & Jorpen Parker on your uvumi page (http://www.uvumi.com/#joannegabriel/videos/3641) and on youtube and we rediscovered “Dreamscapes vol.1 - Geronimodeleon & Joanne Gabriel“ (https://rainingcloud.bandcamp.com/album/dreamscapes-vol-1). Pretty cool.

    Gosig, Dr. Mouseman and I listened to your Gosig & Dr. J. Mouseman Adventure Song around seven times on uvumi alone. The playcounter on the uvumi music page shows 9. If that's correct it means that even Gosig fans don't care?! Disappointing.

    And, Gosig, Mouseman and I agree, downloading your songs for money is not a donation. It's money for excellent music. We want to show you that we love it and we want to support you :-).
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  • Rainer Eric's picture
    Song for Gosig & Dr. J. Mouseman
    Left by Rainer Eric, on Oct 6, 2017 - 8:38
    Hi Joanne,

    that's quick. Gosig & Mouseman are honoured and I'm really pleased. Thanx a lot. Like in your case: more information soon.

    Gosig, Mouseman & Rainer Eric
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  • Rainer Eric's picture
    Hey there II
    Left by Rainer Eric, on Jul 15, 2017 - 8:52
    Needing sleep at morning time on my free days means that we still didn't have another adventure day. In summer you should start early. But the mice had their adventure when we were forest bathing :-) (I read that it's very healthy). Some pics are already on uvumi.

    At least I have an intellectual adventure reading Colin Wilson's “The Outsider“.

    And I changed my eating habits concentrating even more on the basics and ignoring most of the processed stuff, i.e. nearly everything :-)

    Sorting 12000 forest pics is quite an enterprise. Better wait until you finished the book :-)

    Re: "Glad to hear you've sorted out your pics ; you've been quick to organize all of them, wow! Did the mice help? ;)" - No. They said it's my job. I'm the photographer.
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  • Rainer Eric's picture
    Hey there
    Left by Rainer Eric, on Jul 15, 2017 - 8:34
    Same experience: I was cutting myself from the world. After work I immediately started with proof reading. Writing the story was the fun part. I often had a good laugh. Proof reading meant reading the story a hundred times or more. I started somewhere to read and carried on. Not very systematic. However: improving the text was quite rewarding in the end. Replacing words. Making sentences sound better. Adding important details and funny dialogues or even a new adventure. At that time I urgently wanted to finish the book. Now I don't care.

    Pics keep me busy. I take pics of everything and everywhere. With Gosig & Dr. J. Mouseman I was twice in a forest on the way to Atzelsberg. Uphill. And downhill on the way back. The mice used their mobiles. I walked and took pics. With Tamika I then went to Hamburg by bus taking more pics at the G20 demonstration. The mainstream media always give a wrong impression. Better check things yourself if possible. My impression was that the police made a civil war training using every equipment they had.
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  • Rainer Eric's picture
    No adventures
    Left by Rainer Eric, on Jul 2, 2017 - 22:32
    Don't worry. Concentrate on your things, And please: don't feel obliged to look at my pics and to read the story. As I said. They won't run away. And like you, I don't expect these things. I had been busy myself. Although: no adventures because I didn't sleep well for a few days. My two albums on uvumi turned into sixty. I allocated more than 5500 pics according to themes. I needed two days and it was quite energy consuming. But I didn't want to stretch this activity over a week or longer. Besides I took many pics. Thereby, by chance, I came across a 1000 or more pink rubber ducks (I didn't count them :-) ). Pics will follow. In between more and more pics of mine appear on uvumi each day. I want to finish series I started long ago. Or maybe it's a “closing down sale”. Who knows. I even continued the Penguin story on wordpress. And today Gosig will order “The Outsider” by Colin Wilson at his local book shop. Books, books, books. Take care too. When I wrote “The ongoing events” I hardly did anything else (it had other reasons too). Writing and proof reading needs concentration over a long time. And hardly any distractions.
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  • Rainer Eric's picture
    Left by Rainer Eric, on Jun 25, 2017 - 14:39
    You don't have to be sorry :-) Not so long ago, being without E-Mail, letters sometime took a week or longer. And the reply letter too. It's not always a good thing that everything goes so fast. Take your time. The story is a bit longer. It shouldn't keep you from doing your things. I'm sure, it won't run away :-) In Erlangen there was the ARENA theatre festival. It kept me busy. A different kind of adventure.
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  • Rainer Eric's picture
    modern lifestyle / wordpress stories
    Left by Rainer Eric, on Jun 19, 2017 - 13:13
    Modern lifestyle poisons us: Yes, it does. Unfortunately it starts with the unborn when the mothers are smoking or drinking too much alcohol. Baby food often contains too much sugar already. And what people in former times may have eaten on a Sunday they now eat every day: meat, cakes and other stuff with too much sugar. To make it worse: most or all soft drinks are a disaster to the human body. But this life style is good for business. Nothing else counts.

    I started the penguin story on wordpress (https://sherlockgosig.wordpress.com/ ). That might help me to carry on. And I made the page look more professional now that I know how to deal with pics on wordpress.
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  • Rainer Eric's picture
    Simple Minds / Waterboys / Getting lost / Food
    Left by Rainer Eric, on Jun 19, 2017 - 13:12
    Simple Minds / Waterboys: (I listened a lot to the Waterboy's “This Is the Sea” recently). Like you I prefer their first albums. The same with Human League or Kraftwerk. Wire is an exception. I like all their work. And all the solo albums of it's members.

    Getting lost: it happened quite often that I had to sleep outside at strange places. Once a friend and I had to sleep in an old Citroen in Metz. The bottom was covered with water. My friend slept on the front seats, I slept at the back. It's been autumn. So the night was a bit chilly. At morning time we were quite stiff. That all happened because a guy who picked us hitchhikers up dropped us in the middle of a motorway. No one would ever stop. So we walked near the motorway to Metz in the middle of the night. And were glad to find the rotten car.

    Food: Food is no problem for me when travelling. I buy natural yoghurt, fruits and vegetables when I'm walking all day long. Therefore it's a good thing to carry a spoon and a knife with you. Being back late afternoon at the youth hostel or where ever I sometimes had a proper meal. Often I prepared meal in a youth hostel: cereals for example.
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  • Rainer Eric's picture
    Left by Rainer Eric, on Jun 19, 2017 - 13:06
    “So many people never question their lifestyle, and rely on hollow stuff to build a fake happiness”: that's what the matrix is all about – taking the fake world for granted. I hardly watch TV, don't listen to radio programmes. I hate that every hour they bring the so called news.

    I don't listen to the news. I don't read newspapers and hardly any magazines. I get my political information from better sources in the Internet. And I try not to come across commercials.

    Chris Hedges called this fake culture the corporate culture: cult of the self, hedonism, consumption as a kind of inner compulsion. It's all about infantilization of the people. And when things go wrong they ask for a “strong guy”. However: these strong guys are not strong at all. They are mainly weaklings. But because they are also loudmouths they convince people. And very important: who is born into this culture and knows no better is totally dependent on it. The first years I grew up in the forest, ha, ha.

    Satisfied mind: I never wanted to be Scrooge McDuck. I prefered Donald Duck. But it must be Carl Barks stories.
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  • Rainer Eric's picture
    mp3 player / adventure day
    Left by Rainer Eric, on Jun 19, 2017 - 13:00
    Mp3 player: I use it only in cases of emergency. Like if people talk aloud into their smartphone while I'm sitting in the bus close to them or when my work at work is not that interesting. Or when being on a long bus trip. To Berlin for example (to demonstrate). That easily takes five hours (and five hours back again). The seat is to small for me and watching overtaking cars on the autobahn is not my cup of tea. Fortunately the new player has a much stronger battery that lasts for a very long time.

    Adventure day: I slept not very well for quite a few nights (I'm keeping my brain too busy during daytime, I guess). Therefore I was not in an adventure mode on Friday. Mid morning Gosig, Mouseman and I went down town. First we nade adventure pics in the Botanical Garden and then: Shopping. Basil and peppermint in pots. Strawberries, chives, bell pepper, parsley, spelt, quinoa, amaranth. Gosig once was a sweet tooth. But he changed his eating habits. In the afternoon I listened to Simple Minds and Waterboys tracks on youtube. Soon I needed a rest. Sleep attack!
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