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  • May
    • 1 comment on song Boodha Mech
      • 13:22 - SKZA: Good to hear from you...and thanks for the yellow star. I think if I can get 10 I get a clock radio...

        Things is alright. Got some new production techniques I've been messing with and some collabs n' such going on with a cast of weirdos. So I'm keeping busy on the music front. How are things for you? Hope it's all good on the Eastside of the 'Hood...
  • May
    • 1 comment on song Boodha Mech
      • 21:10 - gingerbelle: Nice one Ryan!! Just noticed you put this one up. Max hearts! Haha, well a yellow star actually. Best i can do:-) How are things?
  • Mar
    • 2 comments on album Visk
      • 13:13 - SKZA: Hey thanks for the patronage over on t61 Tim! ... and thanks for the good words Digdug! I dunno if I'll be releasing any more from Visk on here...but if'n ya wanna make a tiny jump away from here for a bit, I've got it up for free streaming in a couple spots:
      • 9:35 - realitim: indeed. agree. There's no uploadlimit so just release the stuff ;)
  • Mar
    • 1 comment on album Visk
      • 16:23 - Digdug: I dig Branchzkzkzk. Look forward to hearing more from the Visk album

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