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ReportShael RileyShael Riley

Shaelriley's picture
  • Age: 40
  • Location: Dial-up Town, New York, United States of America
  • Label: unsigned

Vocalist/Chiptune artist; good at most iterations of Street Fighter.


  • shael b w shiny white shael b w shiny whit...
  • shael baldo bass rawk shael baldo bass raw...
  • shael fake mullet shael fake mullet
  • shael mag 2010 red and mic shael mag 2010 red a...

Comments (6)Comments (6)

  • Unregistered User's picture
    Left by Unregistered User, on Mar 4, 2010 - 17:13
    TI: Texas Instruments!
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  • double ice backfire
    Left by CesarJulius, on Jan 26, 2010 - 20:40
    oops. apologies for hyphenating. i do that from time-to-time.

    looking forward to your uploads here!
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  • olivier's picture
    Left by olivier, on Jan 26, 2010 - 6:14
    hi shael,

    I got your question about how to get your songs in the charts. Well I don't want to give the whole algorithm away, because some people would try to exploit it, but it's all based on the song tagging. You need people to listen to your music and tag it. They will define what genre(s) you belong too. You can set the first tags as hints for your listeners. Then, once a certain number of people tagged your songs, it's all about ratio. The reason several people must tag your song is because if it only relied on the uploader's tags, some people would just spam with random popular tags. A song can be in multiple charts, but it's useless to tag a song with too many genres.

    It's still a bit experimental and probably not perfect, we never got enough people to tag songs, but now it's changing. Hope that helps and sounds logical
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    • Shael Riley's picture
      Left by Shael Riley, on Jan 26, 2010 - 11:46
      That does make sense, but how can I add the first tag to my songs once they've been uploaded?
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      • olivier's picture
        Left by olivier, on Jan 26, 2010 - 12:09
        you can tag songs by playing them, expending the player and typing the genres in the input, separated by commas. The systems remembers who tagged which song with what genre, no need to do it multiple time.
        You can also add tags when editing a song details in your music management : http://uvumi/profile/songs
  • Sophist Ballyhoo's picture
    Left by Sophist Ballyhoo, on Jan 24, 2010 - 22:34
    Call you Ismshael
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