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Joel Faviere - everything, vocalsJoel Faviere - everything, vocals

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  • Age: 31
  • Location: Orlando, Florida, United States of America

I make music that makes you happy.

I am a normal boy who enjoys putting a smile on a face.

This project has gone through ALOT of changes, some better, some worse but more importantly, everything that was once stand-still will no longer be.

Shows will be a consistant apart of sew intricate, which is sort of a big deal to me because it never ever has been like that.

Tons of new music is being made as we speak and you also can expect a new song tonight!

Consider it kind of a "back in action" present.

Most importantly I want to let you all know that I really wouldn't be where I am with this if it wasn't for you, especially a select few (you know who you are :p)

From the youtube videos of people dancing to the music, tumblr blogs, random blogspots getting us great exposure and even putting the lyrics of the songs on official websites; it really is a big deal to me.

I love all of you and can't wait to make it around the states to play these tunes for you.

Love, Joel. Soon on iTunes!

Role(s) in the band: everything, vocals

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