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  • Jul
    • 1 comment on song Offline
      • 7:04 - Sally: suppose that if you ride a car to the stars you might come across a chocolate rainbow or two? and perhaps you'll find the hugs and love I've left across the universe for you!
  • Jul
    • 8 comments on song Turn, turn, turn (the radio on)
      • 8:50 - Olgostin: Ah, Cheryl!
        Lovely Cheryl.
      • 8:47 - Cheryl: The caged bird sings with
        A fearful trill of things unknown
        But longed for still and his
        Tune is heard on the distant hill
        For the caged bird sings of freedom.

        A lovely song O.
      • 7:55 - Olgostin: :)
        I'll come back to the Castle as soon as I can manage to deal with this Heat! :D

        Hugs and more hugs!
      • 7:54 - Olgostin: <3 My heart hugs yours!
      • 7:17 - Philomath: yes please :D

        i love this one *hugs and more hugs* !!!
      • 7:00 - hdsander: This is wonderful O! Your words come straight from my heart! ♥
      • 6:52 - Olgostin: Oh, Sally. Yesh!

        LOVE & ALL THE REST to you!!!!
      • 6:37 - Sally: yesh!! stay!!!


        hope your Saturnday is a good one full of chocolate and rainbow coloured skies.
        mille abbraccissimi and a whole lot more of all the rest!
  • Jun
    • 1 comment on song The Meanest
      • 8:52 - Olgostin: The best has yet to come!
        BUt you are the best, Sally dear *-*
        And you are here.

        Mille abbraccissimi, chocolate rainbows and the rest and all the rest!!!!

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ReportSeptember 29th - MusicSeptember 29th - Music

  • Founded: September 1983
  • Location: Unspecified


  • Olgostin

   Parades & Parodies

Parades & Parodies cover art

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Record date: June 2010

This album is still a work in progress... I can hear Music again. I heard Music!!!

Track list

  Track Title Artist Duration Added  
   1 Another Shade In The Parade September 29th 03:54 2010-06-09  
   2 Don't Do That If You Can't September 29th 05:26 2010-06-09  
   3 Carsick September 29th 04:19 2010-06-10  
   4 The Age Of Karaoke Love September 29th 03:43 2010-06-16  
   5 Turn, turn, turn (the radio on) September 29th 03:44 2010-07-03  
   6 Offline September 29th 03:06 2010-07-24  
   7 The Meanest September 29th 03:56 2010-06-23  
   8 If (i Were A Chord) September 29th 06:37 2010-06-12  

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