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  • May
    • 1 comment on song God's answer machine
      • 5:44 - ThomasAD3: I would say that this song is amazing, but I am not amazed, because it comes from you. I have come to expect brilliance, deep significance and compelling beauty in everything you do, and this song is a shining example.
  • Apr
    • 2 comments on song Raz, dva, tri
      • 0:41 - Olgostin: *-*

        Thank You, Marguerite.
        Hugs & Sunshine
      • 0:40 - Olgostin: haha.
        you guys are wonderful!

        I thought I had posted the English translation in the lyrics section... I'll look after that.

        Hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs!

        p.s. those lyrics are cool, Unkle ;)
  • Apr
    • 3 comments on song Raz, dva, tri
      • 12:11 - Sacagawea: Wonderful!!
      • 11:18 - karlski: yups! one of the very bestest ones!!

        I think it means 'I love apples, red and green, floating in a soup, of onion and cream'

        or perhaps not!

        But i think mebbe O.. could use that lyric!
      • 11:12 - Sally: I *still* have no idea what it means, but I *still* love it :D
  • Jan
    • 2 comments on song God's answer machine
      • 3:56 - Olgostin: ring....

        The phone is ringing!
        I'm calling you back.
        Pick up the phone and then let's sit on the window sill, enjoying the view of the stars up there. See? The Moon is waving hello.
        Hello Moon! Hello.

      • 3:55 - Sally: hello hello O!

        music speaks more words and louder than words, it speaks volumes, fills our souls and hearts. I'll leave a message but need to call me back, coz we can look at the same stars and wish on the same moonbeams.

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ReportSeptember 29th - MusicSeptember 29th - Music

  • Founded: September 1983
  • Location: Unspecified


  • Olgostin

   Herald of the morn

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Record date: July 2007

This 15-track album was released in July 2007 when I was just getting acquainted with what musical softwares and audio interfaces are ;)
I had been writing songs for ten years, indeed, and yet had never managed to record any of them "professionally" until then.
This album is self-produced and also self-distributed, so to speak, as I'm the one in charge of sending the CD over to those who buy it.

The quality is good but still there's some sort of a roughness which currently even indie releases lack. This doesn't mean that your ears ache while listening to this album, of course. It just means that the songs are purposedly not perfect.
For example, they weren't recorded with the metronome, just like it happened back in the '60's. I recorded all separate tracks with no metronome. And there's a lot of improvising going on, even if the song structure is well-defined.

Track list

  Track Title Artist Duration Added  
   3 God's answer machine September 29th 05:48 2010-01-29  
   10 Raz, dva, tri September 29th 04:42 2010-04-18  

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