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  • Mar
    • 2 comments on blog post For those still on that other site...
      • 20:37 - sandyness: Heh, thanks :)

        Hope you enjoy my music choices.
      • 12:02 - George Pestana: although i've never been on "that other site", i.e. "The Site Who Shall Not Be Named", i always find your blogs / comments to be very useful to other people. just wanted to let you know that it is appreciated.
  • Feb
  • Feb
    • 2 comments on blog post Uvumi Wiki
      • 20:53 - PhoenixWright: Your articles are always helpful and informative. Will read up on this stuff (I've been super busy AFK lately and haven't had time to poke around here much!).
      • 20:36 - Michele: Thanks for all your work on the Uvumi Wiki!
  • blog post Report Sandyscoveries: I.T.O. - Addis Abeda

    Posted on Mar 30, 2010 - 10:45 by sandyness
    (One of my first tries at blogging about / reviewing music.)

    On Addis Abeda Geneva-based Imperial Tiger Orchestra surprises with their instrumental jazzy takes on music from Golden Age of Modern Ethiopian music (1969-1978). Traditional instruments from Ethiopia, even from other non-Western countries, meet with Western jazz instrumentation and rhythms on this homage to Ethiopian music of the recent past. From the upbeat Djemerenge, to the swinging Emnete, to the jazz fusion of Etu Gala: this album is a must listen for everybody into jazz or lounge music or lovers of Ethiopian culture.

    Imperial Tiger Orchestra on Bandcamp (non-free)
  • blog post Report For those still on that other site...

    Posted on Mar 29, 2010 - 4:45 by sandyness
    For those still active, to more or lesser extent, on that other site, a bunch of my discoveries with 'homepage' potential:

    Alex Grant - Hide and Seek [classical]
    - 167

    Alexander Hamilton - Lovely Day (AH Remix) [dance / electro funk]
    - 113
    - original by Bill Withers

    Coax - She Leaves [symphonic]
    - 350

    Infinite Number of Sounds - The Modulator [breakcore]
    - 181
    - Did you know that David Mansbach of Infinite Number of Sounds is also the Trepanning Trio?

    Interomusic - The Shorttime Heroes [cinematic]
    - 37
    - uploaded this week; sounds like something for a Sci Fi movie/series (think Stargate)

    Nebulae - Love Comes First [vocal trance]
    - 167

    Nonagon - No Time For Change - Pt 1. [electronica / IDM]
    - 194

    The Corner Laughers - Thunderbird [indie pop]
    - 80
    - uploaded this week
  • blog post Report Uvumi Wiki

    Posted on Feb 2, 2010 - 17:30 by sandyness
    As some of you might know, I have started to gather information about Uvumi on a Wikia.com wiki. So far only a handful articles, five to be precise, are up, two of which are works-in-progress. The pages:


    - Groups on Uvumi?
    - A list of currently formed groups.

    - So, you all saw my fancy profile? Learn how to add color and styling to your profile, blogs and comments.
    - Even if you're fluent in HTML and CSS, read to find out what will and won't work on here.

    - How to tag? Remove tags?
    - Why should I tag?
    - Must-read info for artists.

    Works in Progress

    - The expanded player functions explained (WIP)

    - Little things that make you go 'huh, why is that?' on this site.

    Hope you will all find the pages informative. If you have any ideas for things to be added, don't hesitate to contact me, or to write something yourself. :-)

    -- sandgirl
  • blog post Report First post: not61

    Posted on Jan 26, 2010 - 15:30 by sandyness
    With the recent flood of thesixtyone listeners and artists joining here, it can be hard to also find time to explore the music that was here before. This blog post is dedicated to some of the good music I already did find. Note: You can also keep tabs on my finds through my not61 playlist.

    In this post: Acidmunky, Anne Tique, Amy Willis, Carpe Deez, Didier Martini, Eve Carey, Frantic Clam, Pop Jesters, The Nematoads and The Space Elevators (gotta figure out how to hyperlink internally, named anchors didn't do the trick).

    Acidmunky - in general, I'm not too charmed by Acidmunky's heavy use of autotune on many of his tracks, but there's still some lovely electronica and dance around.

    Space - Funky commercial dub house sounds, vocals a bit over done maybe, but that's not uncommon for tracks in the genre.
    Drunken Kick - Funky acid jazz, which does have autotuned vocals, but it uses them as instrument, not for distorted singing.

    Basshound - Basshound blends movie samples with downtempo hip hop beats and vibes, sadly they only have one short track up (downloadable):

    The Arrival

    Anne Tique - Instrumental synthy post rock.

    Mountain Mother

    Amy Willis - experimental ambient electronica, layers of sound and percussion. Free downloads too.

    Hieronymous Bosch

    Carpe Deez - sample based instrumental hip hop from a gentleman who really doesn't look the part (*lol*). Too bad some of the tracks tend to get a bit repetitive, there's potential.

    Lolos De Lalas

    Didier Martini - instrumental ambient electronica and piano instrumentals; music fitting for sound tracks (1 downloadable track).

    piano solo: To Sonia
    ambient: Underwater

    Eve Cary - stomping electro/tech house beats and vibes, yet sadly only one track up currently (downloadable):


    Frantic Clam - upbeat indie glam rock from Austin, Texas. On a side note, you will find many bands from Austin on here, Austin being where Uvumi (and at least one other fan/artist community site) are headquartered.

    Fort Worthless

    Pop Jesters - upbeat dance pop from the UK


    The Nematoads - now here's something interesting, blends of upbeat electronica with retro sounding spy and western themes:

    No Mr. Bond, I expect you to surf

    The Space Elevators - Spacey ambient, downtempo electronica and electronic jam sounds.

    Electric Cataclysm

    That's all for now. Apologies for the brevity of text on some and the length of this post (any future ones will be shorter, maybe on a find by find basis).

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