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  • Feb
    • 1 comment on blog post The White Cube Continues to Explode and Other Musings
      • 9:03 - geronimodeleon: I still feel the loss of t61 also, but view it as an opportunity to persevere and triumph over a cavalier and insensitive business model that was willing to impede
        (if not outright destroy) communication between a vital community of artists and listeners.

        I can't speak to their motivation, but the clear result of their interpretation of "about the music" was the elimination of open dialogue.
        Even if they were to bring back the functionality of the old site, I don't think I'd become as active as before without an apology, or explanation.

        The architecture of t61 was superb, the vision has turned out to be (for the present) something else.
        I believe that the best action we can take is to diligently persevere, and press on to further our relationships.
        I'm amazed and encouraged by the persistence of disenfranchised t61 members.
        I am honored to have the ability to continue many of these relationships at uvumi.

        Thank you for your friendship.
        Press on!!! : )
  • Jan
    • 2 comments on blog post Non Mi Ricordo
      • 13:20 - faberex the cat: Mi dispiace
        non mi ricordo del tu amore
        io non conosco il tuo cuore.
        Mi sono dimenticata.
        Se mi ricordassi, cosa vorrei vedere?
        La bellezza di un sogno
        Il senso della quiete
        Ma questo รจ tutto perso per me.
      • 13:16 - faberex the cat: pura poesia

        ti adoro susan
  • blog post Report FREEDOM TO SHARE Remix Event

    Posted on Aug 2, 2010 - 17:00 by SackJo22
    ccMixter enthusiastically announces the FREEDOM TO SHARE remix event!

    ASCAP recently attacked Creative Commons, alleging the use of liberal licensing precludes artists from collecting royalties. This is patently false! Creative Commons licenses allow the artist to choose in which way s/he wants to share his/her work, and allows the artist to remain in control of how the work may be used or reused. The flexibility of Creative Commons licenses makes it possible for artists to expand their reach, supporting creative collaboration. Often, by using Creative Commons licenses, artists gain an entirely new level of exposure as their works are picked up for use in videos, remixes and netlabel releases. Under the CC license system, the artist retains copyright and chooses a method for sharing their work for commercial or non-commercial use. If a cc-nc licensed work is contemplated for commercial use, the user simply needs to negotiate with the artist the terms of the license, thereby setting up a method by which an artist can be compensated. With the plethora of media now disseminated on the internet, CC licensing is a splendid way for artists to share their work in a variety of venues, increasing their chance of being discovered and loved!

    ccMixter, one of the web's premier remixing sites, considered an official response to ASCAP but decided instead of writing a letter, it would do what ccMixter does best -- create music! Thus, the FREEDOM TO SHARE remix event was created! Everyone is invited to participate by creating content that can be remixed or by remixing content created specifically for this event. The final remixes will be curated, released and ultimately sent to ASCAP as a demonstration of the power behind Creative Commons licensing.

    You can learn more about this event the ccMixter forum post here. In addition to a detailed description of this project, you will find links pertaining to the ASCAP/Creative Commons debate.
  • blog post Report The White Cube Continues to Explode and Other Musings

    Posted on Feb 23, 2010 - 8:00 by SackJo22
    I just added three more songs to The White Cube Remix album.

    I am still feeling the loss of the 61 and what it had to offer. I have a page here and a page at Stereofame -- but the ease of communication and connection I experienced at the 61 has really disappeared. I still feel the fractured community and don't really have the time to regroup in the same way.

    Meanwhile, I hope my album will be done by June, and getting the word out on that will facilitate some reconnection with those who have been incredibly encouraging and supportive of my work, and new listeners as well.
  • blog post Report In Out

    Posted on Feb 9, 2010 - 22:30 by SackJo22
    This track is a remix I created for the latest "Secret Mixter" event at ccmixter.org. I was assigned CDK, who has been an exemplary member of the ccMixter community since almost the beginning! In Out is based on CDK's first posted remix (from June 2005). When I was listening to the CDK tracks, I wasn't sure what the f*** I could possibly do -- the music is just already so wonderful (how many ed picks has CDK garnered over the years? Only more than any other artist at ccM!) and I was totally intimidated by the source. I actually asked the powers that be to give me some inspiration to deal with CDK's incredible ouvre -- and what emerged was a reworking of a song I wrote many years ago, which is really all about the mercurial nature of inspiration.

    Special thanks to Haskel for helping me out with some tasty guitar to color up the track a bit. Dry vocal parts uploaded as well.

    IN OUT

    This is not what I expected
    I thought I'd be a world traveler by now
    I thought I was a lucky girl

    In out you come to me
    In out you're teasing me
    Still I keep having faith in this world

    attribution: CDK backing track; Haskel Joseph guitars. cc-by-nc license

    This is not what I anticipated
    I thought I'd be shining from above
    I thought I'd be complete witihin our love

    In out you come to me
    In out you're teasing me
    Still I keep having faith in this world

    Stumbling through, acting it out
    But I never know what my role's about
    Surprise! The light's not blinding when it shines in your eyes
  • blog post Report The Man from the Shadows

    Posted on Feb 3, 2010 - 21:45 by SackJo22
    I thought it would be fun to upload to very different treatments of the same song. The first, The Man From the Shadows -- Guitar Cafe Version is pretty much what Haskel and I recorded in our garage. The mastering is a bit rough -- so the quality is more demo like, but it captures the melody and chord progression of the song as written.

    The remix by Magmavander takes the song and turns it into a jazzy chill track with snippets from the vocal, as well as some retuning of the vocal that shifts the melody line.

    It's always amazing to me to see how many different ways my material can be treated!
  • blog post Report The White Cube Remix

    Posted on Jan 31, 2010 - 15:45 by SackJo22
    On December 17, 2009, my partner, Gurdonark, and I, brought the sound of an international community of musicians to the RAM Galleri, in Oslo, Norway as part of the gallery's 20th anniversary exhibition. This project focused on themes of light and relationship. The artists at ccMixter.org were invited to create remixes using my spoken word piece The White Cube and Gurdonark's ambient sample pack, Winter Lights, to create music to be streamed in the gallery during the exhibition. The call for remixes was incredibly successful, resulting in 94 original remixes prior to the deadline (with several more appearing thereafter), from 68 artists, covering at least 10 nations.

    More information about this event can be found at our website www.thewhitecube.info which contains detailed information about the exhibition, an artist statement, embedded audio and links to video related to the event.

    The White Cube

    You set the tea light on the table
    its flicker a delicate tease of what you might see
    as you look as you reach
    recognition bursts!
    its brightness the brightest sun reflected on fields of snow
    so in that moment the whole room explodes!

    We start with a white cube
    with a floor and walls
    where we put up our ideas and watch them hang
    and then we take them down again.

    In this space we speak of the color white
    the color of all colors combined
    the color of all of our options
    the color of our connection that traverses space and time.

    December in the north
    where even the shade of the moon seems bright
    you reach out and grab that light
    the palpable tangible meaning of life.
  • blog post Report Destination

    Posted on Jan 27, 2010 - 13:15 by SackJo22
    This is dedicated to Folkfruit.

    Choices may change but our hearts remain the same
    between the future's glimmering, shining, blinding hope
    and the past's opportunities missed -- those lingering shadows that influence.

    We no longer assume
    We no longer surmise
    It takes so much more to be surprised to that when delight is ignited it is an event held dear.

    Choices may change but our hearts remain the same
    in the frequencies of memory
    rumbling, stumbling, crashing through invited and uninvited
    a song stuck in my head, repeating
    the tune inextricable
    a lingering melody that persists until another melody displaced it.

    Choices may change but our hearts remain the same
    by the familiarity of temperament despite the alterations of time
    so that recognition is instant in history and love
    that lingers indefinity in the body's deepest cavaties.

    We no longer assume
    We no longer surmise
    It takes to much more to be surprised.

    Choices may change but our hearts remain the same.

    Remix by Briareus. cc-by-nc.
  • blog post Report Non Mi Ricordo

    Posted on Jan 26, 2010 - 8:15 by SackJo22
    I once spent a summer studying the Italian language. I had a romance with an Italian medical student from southern Italy. He took me to his small village in the hills of Calabria where I stayed for several days. No one there spoke English. He played Simon & Garfunkle incessantly. We drank thick, dry table wine that was a smooth as glass. During that period, I dreamed in Italian. Since then, I have forgotten much.

    Many thanks to _ghost for sharing such heartbreakingly beautiful music with us.

    And the lyrics (in Italian and English) - but I must apologize for errors in the language. Like I said, I have fogotten quite a lot, and relied on an online translator for assistance:

    Mi dispiace
    non mi ricordo del tu amore
    non so tuo cuore.
    Mi sono dimenticato.
    Se mi ricordassi, di che cosa vedrebbe.
    La bellezza di un sogno
    Il senso calmo
    Ma quello e tutto i perso a me.

    I am sorry.
    I don't remember your love.
    I don't know your heart.
    They are forgotten to me.
    If I remembered, what would I see?
    The beauty of a dream
    The sense of calm
    But that is all lost to me.
  • blog post Report The Quiet Hours (St. Paul Remix)

    Posted on Jan 26, 2010 - 7:45 by SackJo22
    The Quiet Hours was written by Jurgen Hermann and St. Paul, who also composed the music. I was invited to sing this song, and as always, it was a pleasure to work with St. Paul, who is one of my regular collaborators.

    The Quiet Hours

    There's a tall man on the shore
    There's a shallow wind
    A few tracks in the damp sand
    They're easy -- lighter than a child

    Step by step, stone by stone
    Are you searching for ancient treasure
    A singing seagull on a cliff
    A song without reason

    Never ever have you found
    No one knows what you are searching for
    Are you searching for the hours falsley deducted from the account of your life
    The quiet, a gentle wind
    Your search seems so vain
    Your days are so loud

    One day, the wind and the empty beach
    A seagull sails high above your head
    On the last day you found in the sand the sense of it all
    It's been the quiet hours

    Never ever have you found
    No one knows what you are searching for
    Are you searching for the hours falsley deducted from the account of your life
    The quiet, a gentle wind
    Your search seems so vain
    Your days are so loud
  • blog post Report Power Bars (Fourstones Remix)

    Posted on Jan 26, 2010 - 7:45 by SackJo22
    Power Bars is the first remix of one of my a capellas at ccMixter. I can't believe it is still not even a year since I signed up with ccMixter and there have been more than 200 remixes of my vocals arleady! Wow!

    Fourstones did an amazing job creating this chill, penetrating track remixing my song Power.


    It's always a question of power in the matters of what you desire
    Can you help it to pass on through -- stop it from stopping you
    You don't think you're so strong
    You don't know how much longer you can go on
    Baby, it's not the final hour cuz' you have my love
    And love's the power.

    I'll give you my heart, give it to you in my laughter
    And I give you my heart, it's there in my anger
    I swear by the moon and the stars up above
    All I want to do to day is make you feel my love
    You can call on me at any hour 'cuz you have my love
    And love's the power.

    You can turn your head baby, it won't go away
    It's the light of the north pole lasting all day
    It's the depth of the ocean where fish can't see
    It's the heat of the desert
    The arches of infinity
    Baby, honey it's not the final hour
    You have my love and love's the power.

    I give you my heart, give it to you in my laughter
    And I give you my heart, it's there in my anger
    And I swear by the moon and the stars above, all I want to do today is make you feel my love
    You can call on me at any hour 'cuz you have my love
    And love's the power, love's the power.
  • blog post Report Getting Started

    Posted on Jan 26, 2010 - 7:30 by SackJo22
    The past several days have been quite eventful trying to get reestablished after the 61 debacle. I am slowly uploading songs here. Yesterday I started with Resilience & Dignity which was written and produced in support of the people of Haiti. While my music is generally available for free download when created via ccMixter, I am selling downloads of this track via stereofame, with all download proceeds going toward Haitian relief efforts.

    I will continue to upload songs here as I become more familiar with the workings of the site.

    Meanwhile, along with a number of other 61 folks, I have also started a page at stereofame. If you are into the "game" aspect of internet music, that seems to be a fair alternative to t61 -- although I must say, the community aspet over here seems very friendly indeed!

    It sure is swell seeing familiar faces from the 61!

    Here's to continued opportunity to share our enthusiasm for music!


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