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ReportRozii ChaosRozii Chaos

  • Age: 27
  • Location: Southampton, United Kingdom
  • Label: rozii chaos music

Representing a culture that likes its music real, Rozii Chaos is a young lady with an appetite to move the boundary between ROCK & POP. Alive and full of energy, backed by instruments plugged into classic amplifiers, she sets pulses racing. You find powerful themes and listenable melodies and a music roller coaster to challenge your world.
Based in the UK, Rozii grew up with a background in classical piano and formal choir. But from an early age her passion was singing and playing guitar. As part of the many lineups of `Made in China`, she crafted her edgy style and mastered every aspect of her live performance.
Moving to solo performances and building on classic 70`s American and British rock she gained the freedom to focus more on her own vibe. Taking charge of her songwriting and creating a distinctive edge it was easy to become associated with female Rock artists from the past. However, for those who take the time, they realise, that she has gone so much further in an area that has been under represented for many years. Just ask her ever growing internet subscription base which continues to grow each day.
Mean and moody or happy go-lucky, her killer perspective gives an optimistic edge to each song. Never a slave to rules she sees are simply outdated, expect great drum patterns, amazing guitar riffs, and strong vocals that enchant, then lure and ambush the listener. So beware, many under her spell find it difficult to let go. So if you are stuck whinging about the mundane give Rozii a spin and renew a passion for a music culture you thought may have been lost forever.
In the short time she has been exposed to a wider audience she has managed to secure a production deal with international Producer, Michael A Puskas from Sugarfilly Entertainment in Australia and an exclusive management deal with Ikonic Artist Management. Her raunchy and risqué rock n roll has already impressed a growing list of industry heads and she is now a member of the highly successful Licensing Company, Music Supervisor Ltd in the US, the Licensing arm of the Our Stage platform in the US, Play it Loud Music Licensing in Canada.
The first four tracks of her debut album; “Sweet & Tempered” has attracted the interest of CEO Cyrille Totozafy of Think Pink Inc in France and featured at Midem in 2012.
Her cover track, “Somebody To Love” was digitally released along with her second EP by `Out Of The Box Records` in April 2012.
Her hard driving and menacing classic, “Slave to the Grind” has been picked up for the closing credits of the BMG Media produced Zombie thriller, Express Body Pieces which will be released in June 2013. The personal ans emotive `This Part Of Me` was also used for the forthcoming `Kids V Aliens` movie.
Currently she is colaborating with several high profile producers including Jeff Silverman from Nashville to prduce a much anticipated debut Album due for release in 2013.
For more information please check out her website at: http://www.roziichaos.com
Michael A Puskas
(e) mikeikonicartists@gmail.com

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