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  • Age: 57
  • Location: Boise, Idaho, United States of America

Bringing the metal back to acoustic music, Ronnie has proved that it is possible to maintain an edge with acoustic instruments, giving an epic tone to his music, as opposed to a relaxing one.

(Tangled in strings Review, MicControl.com)

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Ronnie: Tangled in StringsAcousticats: 9 LivesDemoThumb.pngVRcover.pngVRcover.png


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Comments (4)Comments (4)

  • Cher Harrington's picture
    Whoooo hooo!
    Left by Cher Harrington, on Jan 29, 2010 - 13:26
    How about adding the new "Steal My Breath" lol, and great to find you here :)
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  • :)
    Left by Suzen JueL, on Jan 29, 2010 - 4:28
    I am SO thrilled you joined! Now every time u play out, tell them to go support ya here!
    Sure do miss our early morning DIRTY GRIND music chats, maybe we can set one up in yahoo, or something! haaa
    Big Love, have a great weekend...and you truly have posted some incredible songs!
    See ya on the other side of the social network!
    -Suzen JueL
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