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ReportRobz ParkerRobz Parker

  • Age: 111
  • Location: WK, United Kingdom

I have many music projects, some have arrived here and some not. Previously available on a distant and sadly missed site featuring an American highway were cArBoNeMiSsIoNs, The Voodoo Lounge, Is Data Tree, Replicators, Abstraktors, The Living Room and SambaYaBamba.
The ones here include

: Voodoo Emissions
featuring Electro Latin Blues Reggae and House,

: Replicators
which has a strong leaning towards 1970's Krautrock but with more live percussion and electronics.

: abstraktors is a joint project with Calum Walker in a similar vein with Electroacoustic flavourings.

:(I've got my eye on you) Fletcher
which is a Rock/Pop covers band I'm currently playing drums with.

Various ambient and Industrial projects will also make their way here and appear in the first two of these categories, or not.

Check em out and gimme some feedback.


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