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Robastor's picture
  • Age: 54
  • Location: Jackson, Michigan, United States of America


Listening to the music of ROB ASTOR is like listening to Instrumental Science Fiction. The titles of his albums (MARSTROPOLIS, BEYOND MARSTROPOLIS, RAHU, AD ASTRA, and BELLATRIX'S MUSIC BOX to name a few) and the tracks on them ("Swimming Between Galaxies", "Canopusopolis Carina", "Holographic Nightclub [Dance Of The Boytaurs]", "Tropic Of Antarctica", "Forest Of The Black Moon", "Flight In Ursa Minor", "Chocotopia", "Life On Europa", "Six Moons Of Pluto", "Earth Twin & Earth Parallel", "Tiamat", "Pluto - Bringer Of Change", "Stairway To The Fifth Dimension", "Seduction Of The Minotaur") create instantaneous vivid mental imagery demanding musical explanation and interpretation.

Combining elements of New Age, Ambient, Classical, Electronic, Rock & Roll, Video Game Soundtrack, and New Wave, ROB ASTOR successfully melds the sounds of musical legends (Tangerine Dream, Spencer Nilsen, James Horner, John Williams, Moby, Erik Norlander, Electric Light Orchestra, Duran Duran, Norm Orenstein, Vangelis, Mars Lasar, David Arkenstone) into an sonic tapestry of his own design. Every track comes alive with unique vitality, steering clear of conformity and accepted rules to break ground in unexplored territory. With every new release, ROB ASTOR creates a soundscape story. Strap yourself in. ROB ASTOR's music is all about the unforgettable journey.

ROB ASTOR's Music Has Been Included In Video Games And Used As Cues In All Of The Following:

Coca-Cola "Lifestyles" Film (2006)
SimMars Beta Release - Simtropolis.com (2007)
A Nagy Fogy√°s (Big Weight Loss) - Hungary TV (2007)
Our Generation "Fly With Me" - History Channel (2008)
Our Generation "Miracle On Ice" - History Channel (2008)
Country Gentlemen - Spain (2008)
BBC's New Tricks "God's Waiting Room" - PBS (2008)
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Commercial (2008)
Bakno Games - Gems & MacPinball (2009)


Secret Places (2000)
5-Track Demo (2003)
Quadrangular Oscillations (2005)
Marstropolis (2005)
Xenophobia (2006)
Christmas Among Friends (T. S. Klugh Studio - Various Artists 2006)
Shine A Little Light Christmas Collection (2006)
SimMars Beta Release (Various Artists 2007)
No Rules (T. S. Klugh Studio - Various Artists 2007)
Beyond Marstropolis (2007)
Rahu (2007)
Sonic Remixed & Deluxe (The Dictator Group Netlabel - Various Artists 2007)
Expressions Of The Season (T. S. Klugh Studio - Various Artists 2007)
Once Upon A Christmas Star (2008)
Ad Astra (2008)
Yesteryear Classics (2008)
EML Network Vol. 1 (Electronica Music Lovers.ning - Various Artists 2010)
Bellatrix's Music Box (Coming Soon!)
Dreams Of Xack Kydd (Coming Soon!)
Influences Tribute Collection - Mix It Up! (Coming Soon!)
Influences Tribute Collection - Let's RAWK! (Coming Soon!)
Influences Tribute Collection - Dreams Of Future Past (Coming Soon!)

Rob Astor's music is available at CDBaby.com, Apple's iTunes, Amazon.com, MusicForte.com, Mindawn.com, MyRealTalent.com, SoundClick.com, TuneFlow.com, iCompositions.com, and numerous digital outlets world wide.


  • beyond marstropolis cover beyond marstropolis ...
  • christmas star cover christmas star cover
  • 2004 meet half scale 2004 meet half scale
  • 1985 self pic 1985 self pic

Comments (2)Comments (2)

  • jae's picture
    hey bud
    Left by jae, on Apr 20, 2010 - 10:24
    ive "met" rob in a writers group, was introduced to his sounds and play them when i work out. i cant imagine not starting my day without it!! very proud of Rob.
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    • Rob Astor's picture
      Many thanks!
      Left by Rob Astor, on Apr 20, 2010 - 10:37
      For such a wonderful comment! You've made my day. :-)
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