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  • Feb
    • 2 comments on blog post Hey Everybody
      • 13:45 - Rick Lindemann: thats for the heads up... i personally handle all of my own material and trying to find an audience. i'm not trying to bombard the site with worthless stuff, i'm just looking to give my music away to people who dig it. if i need more space i'll be sure to let you know, its nice to see you guys are involved with the community you've created here... i'm excited about this site.
      • 4:40 - olivier: "I'll try to do 1 a week until i run out of space."

        >> If you do run out of space, let me know. We give more space to people who make good usage of it: we are not going to double someone's space so they can upload their keger photos but if an artist needs more space for their songs, it's possible, just ask nicely. We set a limit so people don't think they can use the site as an image/music dump.
  • blog post Report hey anyone.. new track.. birthday candle

    Rick Lindemann
    Posted on Jan 10, 2011 - 18:15 by Rick Lindemann
    i havent put anything new up in a while.. here's a taste of what i've been working on.. although its not done.. would love to hear your thoughts
  • blog post Report Show Booked!!!

    Rick Lindemann
    Posted on Mar 1, 2010 - 19:15 by Rick Lindemann
    Well, I only do a handful of shows a year these days.. but we have one scheduled for March. If any of my new uvumi friends are near jersey, i'd hope you could check us out. We're doing a full acoustic set, which is a little calmer than a full "Wasted Talent" show. So we bill ourselves as "The Livingroom Superstars" because most of our acoustic sets happen late at night in somebody's living room somewhere.. this one's at a great venue in NJ. for all my new friends who are far away, I'm going to try and record, cut, and post some tunes from the show on here.
  • blog post Report Videos Up

    Rick Lindemann
    Posted on Feb 16, 2010 - 20:15 by Rick Lindemann
    Go to The Wasted Talent profile page if you get a chance, i posted some video.. im going to dig up some more live video too
  • blog post Report Hey Everybody

    Rick Lindemann
    Posted on Feb 14, 2010 - 19:30 by Rick Lindemann
    its been nice to reconnect with a lot of my T61 people on here, i'm starting to get a handle on how this site works and i'm liking it. In addition to checking out all the other great music on here, i'm going to continue to keep posting my tunes... i'll try to do 1 a week until i run out of space.. i've got tons of songs, and a lot of different styles, like i always say its easy to be diverse when you dont really have an audience. but as a musician, its something i do because i enjoy it and think its cool, but i'm always looking to improve. so if you've had the chance to listen to any of my stuff, whether you like it or you hate it, i'm always down to hear opinions from people who were good enough to give it a listen... thanks again, and thanks for being my friends

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