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  • Age: 45
  • Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States of America
  • Press kit: pdf zip

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  • The Under-Cover Album Review : AM2AM by Rem Steel

    The Under-Cover Album Review : AM2AM by Rem Steel

    AM2AM (Audio Madness 2 a Misfit), was released by North Carolina rapper Rem Steel. AM2AM is music with a message, as Rem tells great stories with his great lyricism. The nineteen track album is jam packed with songs for just about everyone in just about any situation. Surprisingly, this release is extremely well rounded. AM2AM possesses a high lyrical value that you just can't find with mainstream releases. Steel could easily rap about cliche' topics such as drugs, women, and money. Instead, he focuses on real life topics such as growing up with no father, murder in the world, and how to keep going when there is nothing left. He tells these stories in such a way that you almost forget he's a virtually unknown underground rapper. The album is long, plain and simple. Listeners may have a hard time listening the duration of the album in one sitting. That being said the album doesn't drag on. It is a fully loaded album that comes with actually good hip-hop for all to hear


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