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Written, composed, arranged, and performed by Reggie Miles

"Reggie Miles LIVE At The Muse" was recorded LIVE by Thomas Richardson at The Conway Muse on 01/21/2011.

Edited at The Blue Tarp Ranch.

Mastered at Falcon Audio by Marc Willet


Handsful O' Blues
by Reggie Miles
NOBRO RECORDS NR-020 © 2011 All rights reserved

Gotta heartful o' heartache, since you said goodbye
Gotta lifeful o' troubles, and a worriful mind
I gotta pocketful o' dreams, and my eyesful o' tears
Had my handsful o' blues for years

Got earsful o' lies, mirrorsful o' looks
Gotta a voiceful o' song, a songful o' hooks
Got storiesful o' rumors, thoughtsful o' rhymes
'Bout scratchin' for a hatful o' nickels and dimes

Nightsful o' tossin' and turnin' in bed
Dreamsful o' nightmares, daysful o' dread
Gotta mindful o' mis'ry, and a headful o' fears
Had my handsful o' blues for years

Gotta pastful o' memories I'd like to forget
A futureful o' mistakes I ain't made yet

Gotta roadful o' hazard, a pathful of turns
Footful o' lead, and a tankful to burn
Gotta motorful o' muscle, a trannyful o' gears
Had my handsful o' blues for years

I gotta pipeful o' crack, a bowlful o' weed
Gotta veinful o' smack, a spoonful o' speed
Gotta bagful o' pills, a needleful o' meth
A clipful o' bullets, a barrelful o' death

Gotta bellyful o' whiskey to ease the pain
A noseful o' cocaine drivin' me insane
Gotta bottleful o' courage, a fridgeful o' beers
Had my handsful o' blues for years

Gotta courtful o' judges, a juryful o' peers
Had my handsful o' blues for years

Got lipsful o' guilt, questionsful o' whys
Gotta sighful o' sorrow, a tongueful o' sighs
Gotta soulful o' thirst as last call draws near
Had my handsful o' blues for years

ReportReggie Miles - Handsful O' BluesReggie Miles - Handsful O' Blues

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  • Location: Sultan, Washington, United States of America
  • Label: nobro records
  • Press kit: pdf zip

Handsful O' Blues    Handsful O' Blues

  • Title: Handsful O' Blues
  • Artist: Reggie Miles
  • Duration: 00:05:39
  • Played: 59
  • Date Recorded: Jan 21st, 2011

Many struggle, throughout their entire lives, with the Blues. Some are haunted by their Blues. Others mask their Blues until their chosen cures become their disease.

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