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"Homeless Broke & Hungry" was written, arranged, composed and performed by Reggie Miles and is track #8 featured on Reggie's recording "Reggie Miles LIVE At The Muse", NOBRO RECORDS NR-020 © 2011 All rights reserved.

This recording was captured live to digital media at The Conway Muse on 1/21/11 by Thomas Richardson.

This song has been only minimally processed for your listening pleasure.


Homeless, Broke, and Hungry
by Reggie Miles © 2011 All rights reserved

What happened to the salvation in Salvation Army?
Where's all the good in Goodwill?
And where has the saint in Saint Vincent De Paul gone,
Now that I've grown so ill?
The bottom's dropped out and I'm out on the street,
And my prospects are all lookin' nil.
Oh, what's happened to the salvation in Salvation Army?
And where's all the good in Goodwill?

I went to the gospel mission today,
The Church of the Kindly Light,
And I asked for a little something to eat,
And some place to sleep for the night.
They told me there wasn't any room at the inn,
And that the kitchen was closed for the day,
And then they enlightened in no uncertain terms,
They said, "Get out and be on your way."

Disillusioned I wandered without being fed,
With no place to lay my poor weary head,
Till I spied a green dumpster full of discarded bread,
But when I tried to dive in, the store clerk just said,
Go on now. Move along. That's no place to be.
Have you tried gettin' food stamps? I hear that they're free.
I told him I'd never been this down before.
He just solemnly pointed the way out the door.

As nightfall fell, there came a chill to the air.
So I went to a thrift store, to buy cold weather wear.
But the prices they asked for all those donated clothes,
Were beyond what my meager wallet could hold.
Hungry and cold I roamed aimless through town,
Till I paused to rest where no chair could be found,
And as I sat on the sidewalk to ease my sore feet,
I was fined fifty dollars for sittin' on the street.

There's a moral here somewhere, that we shouldn't ignore.
Without compassion for each other what are we livin' for?
When the greed of the rich out weighs the need of the poor,
This old world, she just ain't worth livin' in no more.
The bottom's dropped out and I'm out on the street,
And my prospects are all lookin' nil.
Oh, what's happened to the salvation in Salvation Army,
And where's all the good in Goodwill?

ReportReggie Miles - Homeless Broke & HungryReggie Miles - Homeless Broke & Hungry

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  • Location: Sultan, Washington, United States of America
  • Label: nobro records
  • Press kit: pdf zip

Homeless Broke & Hungry    Homeless Broke & Hungry

  • Title: Homeless Broke & Hungry
  • Artist: Reggie Miles
  • Duration: 00:07:45
  • Played: 23
  • Date Recorded: Jan 21st, 2011

An acoustic fingerickin' Folk/Blues

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