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blog post Report Review of Street Performers A Coloring Book by Reggie Miles

Reggie Miles
Posted on Jun 5, 2012 - 10:45 by Reggie Miles

Here's a sweet review of my coloring book "Street Performers" from Chris Lunn in the "Ancient Victorys News (Volume 5, Issue 2 - Summer 2012)."

"At my 75th Birthday fling, Reggie delivered maybe the best performance that night, first in a blues guitar song and later with musical saw behind cellist Josie Silver and singer/guitarist Terry Lane on "All The World Is Green." Miles also delivered this book. Miles has been a street performer at Pike Place Market for thirty years and taken his considerable talents to Europe as well as the West Coast, Deep South and the East Coast. He is a real student and purveyor of street performers, and many are his closest friends. So here you have fourteen full size pages with one street performer image to color on each page. And you may see hints of street performers you know like Miles, Artis the Spoonman, Johnny Hahn and more. He covers all sorts of performers from magic, dancing, fiddle, washboard, slide guitar, washtub bass, standard guitar, musical saw, piano, juggler, and harmonica. Miles has a very stylized drawing style, much in the manner and tradition of Crumb. The images are full of life, colorful, swooping stylistic, and clean. All they need is for you to color them. Miles has a BA degree in Art Education. He hopes this book will encourage you to bring more attention and support (that is monetary, by filling the donation hat) to the street performers. You see these artists all over the Northwest at farmer's markets, Pike Place, fairs, outside cultural and sports events or on some favorite street corner (and used to be the Ferry system, until those clowns shut down this tourism draw in an anti-jobs move). The cover is glossy color printing, the inside all black and white on one side of the paper for your coloring. Superb art, wonderful idea, cute little rhymes with each character, and just a gem from our Northwest Art Scene. I might have bound it with a hard plastic slider that would have allowed you to remove and work on a single page, rather than staples. Street Performers Coloring Book is another major contribution to our street performing and busking scene, as well as our total art scene."

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