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ReportGroundbreaking RecordsGroundbreaking Records

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  • Location: St.Croix, Virgin Islands, United States of America
  • Label: groundbreaking records

Ground breaking records has become a renowned name in the world of music today. Especially in the field of online streaming music, then Ground Breaking records is the number one. It is hard to believe that this company started almost 9 years ago. Our very own Donny Dread and Dale Melody started it in ..St Croix...

.. ..

This Company was started with a simple goal and that was to preserve the real music and give a message to society through it. And this why, their first release, which was titled "Straight & Narrow", was a hip hop reggae album that gave a message against social injustice of the "ghetto youth".

.. ..

The first album created by this company was a compilation that was designed to give a voice to people who can't express their views freely. The album was a huge success. Ground Breaking Records then worked with many upcoming artists like Xkaliba, Donny Dread, Bishop - longside, Batch, Ras Attidude ,Boy Blue and Vaughn of Midnight.

.. ..

Groundbreaking Records also has a collaboration named "ANEED" by Midnight. This album was recorded in 2002 and is scheduled to drop this summer. Midnight was first heard on the "Weep Not" compilation along with XKALIBA. Donny Dread debuted with

an album called Set De Pace which also appears on Groundbreaking Records. It was released by Groundbreaking Records in 2004.

.. ..

During 2004-06, Groundbreaking Records recorded with foundation artist Xkaliba. The company also signed a new and highly anticipated artist- Nubian Natty. Xkaliba's album was titled "Baptize In The Ghetto". Nubian Natty Album is titled "Nah Go Like Me".

.. ..

Donny Dread has created a selection called Step Inna Right which is based on the Weep Not compilation. He also played instruments on numerous albums from other artists.


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