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ReportRainer EricRainer Eric

Rainer's picture
  • Age: 63
  • Location: Erlangen, Germany

Reading is like breathing. Listening to music too.

*** more music ***


( <== Watch the Adventure video on uvumi! )

*** Gosig & Maik the Mouse movie


*** stories (DE/EN) / pics / books / etc. ***


*** What's up? ***


*** Gosig remastered and reloaded ***


(work in progress)

*** david byrne ***


*** consumption ***


*** books ***

> "adventure" - non fiction
I. Goncharov: The Voyage of the Frigate Pallada
C. Gray: Sisters in the Wilderness
N. Philbrick: In the Heart of the Sea / Sea of Glory / Mayflower
R. Neering: Wild West Women
Gay and Laney Salisbury: The Cruelest Miles
K. Frank: A Voyager Out
Mary H. Kingsley: Travels in West Africa (Great humor!)
Ansel Adams: An Autobiography
Lynne Cox: Swimming to Antarctica
Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca: The Journey of Alvar Nunez Cabeza ...
Bernadette McDonald: Tomaz Humar
Alexis de Tocqueville: A Fortnight in the Wilderness
The Letters of Calamity Jane to her Daughter
J. Tenzing Norgay: Touching My Father's Soul
Beryl Markham: West with the Night
R.L. Stevenson: In the South Seas / The Amateur Emigrant
Lynn Hill: Climbing Free. My Life in the Vertical World
Keith Johnstone: Impro - Improvisation and the Theatre
Keith Johnstone: Impro for Storytellers
Theresa Robbins Dudeck: Keith Johnstone - A Critical Biography
Joseph Plummer: Tragedy & Hope 101

> fun
George & Weedon Grossmith: Diary of a Nobody
Susan Juby: Alice, I Think
J.K. Toole: A Confederacy of Dunces
R. Dahl: Matilda / The Witches / Boy
Elizabeth von Arnim: The Caravaners
Erasmus von Rotterdam: Das Lob der Torheit
E. Kishon: The fox in the chicken-coop

> novels
Ivan Goncharov: Oblomov / The Precipice / An Ordinary Story
N.Gogol: Dead Souls
M.Lermontov: A Hero Of Our Time
V.Nabokov: The Luzhin Defense
A.Chekov: (all of his books)
W.Golding: Lord of the Flies
M.Tournier: Gemini
Gabriele Hoffmann: Die Schiffbrüchigen
S. Nadolny: The Discovery of Slowness
Virginia Woolf: To The Lighthouse
Connie Palmen: Du sagst es

> music
Derek Bailey: Improvisation
Deborah Curtis: Touching From A Distance
Anthony Storr: Music and the Mind
D. Sheppard: On Some Faraway Beach
F. Dannen: Hit Men

> mixed
Charlotte Gray: Flint & Feather
Jill Ker Conway: The Road From Coorain
Lewis Hyde: The Gift
Anthony Storr: Solitude
Joseph Campbell: The Hero With A Thousand Faces
Howard Zinn: A People's History Of The United States / You Can't Be Neutral ...
Pierre Bertaux: Friedrich Hölderlin
Sigrid Damm: Vögel, die verkünden Land
Virginia Woolf: Three Guineas
Urs Bitterli: Cultures in Conflict
Antony C. Sutton: Wall Street and the Rise ...
Kirkpatrick Sale: The Conquest of Paradise
Julia Butterfly Hill: The Legacy of Luna
Lorna Sage: Bad Blood
R. Bartlett: Chekhov - Scenes from a Life
Edward Shorter: A History of Women's Bodies
Dee Brown: Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee
Gloria Jahoda: Trail of Tears
Benjamin R. Barber: Jihad vs. Mc World
Frederick Douglass: Narrative of the Life ...
D.E. Stannard: Columbus and the Conquest ...
H. Koning: Columbus - His Enterprise
Dorion Sagan: Lynn Margulis - The Life and Legacy ...
Lynn Margulis: Symbiotic Planet - A New Look at Evolution
J.K. Galbraith: The Economics of Innocent Fraud
I. Calvino: Six Memos for the Next Millennium
M. Mary: Die Glückslüge
W. Schmid: Unglücklich sein - Eine Ermutigung
Barton Gellman: Angler
Jane Mayer: The Dark Side
Janet Frame: An Autobiography
Eduard Engel: Deutsche Stilkunst
Andreas Altmann: Das Scheißleben ...
Anne Fausto-Sterling: Myths of Gender
Blanche Wiesen Cook: Eleanor Roosevelt

*** DVDs ***

> vampires
Po-Chih Leong: The Wisdom of Crocodiles
M. Reeves: Let Me In
T. Alfredson: Let The Right One In
N. Jordan: Interview With The Vampire
Dennis Gansel: We Are The Night
R.Polanski: The Fearless Vampire Killers
Scott Leberecht: Midnight Son
Edouard Molinaro: Die Herren Dracula
J.Badham: Dracula
J.Jarmusch: Only Lovers Left Alive
Clement/Waititi: What We Do In The Shadows
F. Murnau: Nosferatu

> feature films
D. Villeneuve: Blade Runner 2049
Stéphanie Di Giusto: The Dancer
M. Ade: Toni Erdmann
S.Lumet: Network
B.Beresford: Black Robe
M. Håfström: Evil
Mike Nichols: Catch 22 / Wolf / The Graduate
J.& C. Coen: Barton Fink
T.Malick: The Thin Red Line / To The Wonder / Knight of Cups / The New World / Song to Song
A.Dominik: The Assassination of Jesse James ...
P.Greenaway: The Belly of an Architect / Drowning by Numbers / The Cook, The Thief ...
Ed Harris: Pollock
J.Campion: Bright Star / The Piano / An Angel At My Table
R.Scott: The Duellists
K.Bigelow: Strange Days
W.C. Fields: It's a Gift
C. Chaplin: Modern Times / A Gold Rush
A. Davis: Holes
Hendrik Handloegten: liegen lernen
Dee McLachlan: the Jammed
K. von Garnier: Iron Jawed Angels
M. Jackson: Temple Grandin
J. Wilson: As If I Am Not There
M. Radford: 1984
Antti Jokinen: The Purge
T.Gilliam: Jabberwocky / Brazil
K.Macdonald: The Last King of Scotland
D.Knöpfel: Requiem für eine romantische Frau
M.Ritt: Hombre
D.Boyle: Sunshine
F.F. Coppola: Apocalypse Now (Redux)
Ariane Mnouchkine: Moliere
Marius Holst: King of Devil's Island
A. Corbijn: Control
Kaneto Shindô: Onibaba
S. Loznitsa: My Joy / In the Fog
Larysa Kondracki: Whistleblower
F. J. Schaffner: Papillon
T. Kotcheff: Wake in Fright
Erica von Moeller: Fräulein Stinnes fährt um die Welt
S. Baron Cohen: The Dictator
A. & L. Wachowski: Matrix I
M. Bay: The Island
P.J. Hogan: Muriel's Wedding
T. Lee Jones: The Homesman
M. Leigh: Mr. Turner
A. Melikian: Rusalka Mermaid
A. Zvyagintsev: The Return
M. Scorsese: The Wolf of Wall Street
Sophie Hyde, Bryan Mason: Tanja - Life in Movement
R. Linklater: Boyhood
A.G. Iñárritu: The Revenant
S. Tzoumerkas: A Blast
J.A. Arnby: When Animals Dream
G. Armstrong: My Brilliant Career
(the U.S. edition seems to be the best;
you may need a multiregion player.)
A.Tarkovsky: Stalker * (and his earlier movies)
* Wait for Blu Rays. The complete Russian
- mosfilm - Stalker is on youtube. Activate subtitles.

> documentaries
T. Riedelsheimer: Touch the Sound
E. Wagenhofer: We Feed The World / Let's Make Money
Alex Gibney: Enron - The Smartest Guys in the Room
L.Walker: Blindsight
B.Verhaag: Blue Eyed
M. Bauder: Master Of The Universe
E.Wagenhofer: alphabet

*** YouTube ***

Danielle Dax Interview on Star Test
Steve Bradshaw: Arctic Dreams - widescreen / Rocklands Short
Joy Division - The Eternal (Live) Preston 1980
A. Gibney: Park Avenue
R. Greenwald's "Koch Brothers Exposed"
Druck, Doping, Depressionen - Spitzensportler packen aus



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Comments (72)Comments (72)

  • Rainer Eric's picture
    Left by Rainer Eric, on Oct 8, 2017 - 0:05
    As before: I will reply on your site:

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  • Rainer Eric's picture
    Adventure Song for Gosig & Dr. J. Mouseman
    Left by Rainer Eric, on Oct 6, 2017 - 8:56
    Hi Joanne,

    we listened to the song "The Adventures Of Gosig & Dr. J. Mouseman". The mice coincided: it's a great Adventure Song. Now they want to experience an adventure having this song in mind. Great expectations.

    The mice are really proud. What an honour!
    We will upload a pic today showing Gosig and Mouseman enjoying their song.

    We love you :-)
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  • JG's picture
    Left by JG, on Oct 6, 2017 - 7:20
    Here is my homage to your adventurous mind, and to your lovely mice :)
    Email following soon!
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  • JG's picture
    Many thanks
    Left by JG, on Oct 5, 2017 - 7:56
    Thank you so much for your generous donations, and for the lovely comments. Your kind gesture has taken me out of my musical torpor : I'm recording a song for you, inspired by you and your mice. I'll tell you more about it when it's finished ; hopefully vey soon. :)
    Also, I'm going to send you an email to explain you what kept me away for so long, and to take our exchanges up again. Been through a weird time...
    I thought of you, wondering if you managed to have a few adventures after our last PMs. I think our friendship is an adventure of sorts. :)
    More soon (I promise). I'll get back to you when your song is ready.
    Take care. <3
    Permanent LinkLink   ReplyReply   ReportReport
  • JG's picture
    Hey there
    Left by JG, on Jul 11, 2017 - 7:15
    How are you doing?
    I'm not where I want to be with my chapter : proofreading is taking much more time and energy than usual, which makes me feel quite frustrated. I'm comforting myself by thinking that the said chapter contains lots of complex elements that are essential to the book. But such a slow pace is maddening, haha.
    "Writing and proof reading needs concentration over a long time. And hardly any distractions."
    Yes, it's so true, but I've worked on this thing everyday for almost three years. When I'm caught up in intense writing phases, I don't even realize that time passes. It often takes me weeks before I realize I've cut myself from the world. It's good and not good at the same time, if you see what I mean.
    Thanks for being a patient friend. Not everybody understand how my vortices work. :)
    Glad to hear you've sorted out your pics ; you've been quick to organize all of them, wow! Did the mice help? ;)
    I have like 12000 forest pics that I need to sort out someday. I should have done that right away, cause now I can't find the courage to do it.
    Still no adventures? I still do forest bathing once a week with Mantra. Not very adventurous, but definitely soothing.
    Take care! :)
    Permanent LinkLink   ReplyReply   ReportReport
  • JG's picture
    Left by JG, on Jul 2, 2017 - 18:24
    I can't believe so much time has passed since my last comment! I'm caught up in a frenzy of sorts - which often happens when I'm finalizing a chapter. This one was pretty long ; it took me quite a while to get the writing done, and now I'm proofreading like mad, so as to be able to move to the next chapter. You're not the only person I neglected in the past couple of weeks ; I'm behind schedule with everyone and everything, including music. Oops...

    How are you doing? I hope you and your mice have been enjoying some adventurous outing.

    I'll be back to reply more, look at your pics and read your story!
    Take care. :)
    Permanent LinkLink   ReplyReply   ReportReport
  • JG's picture
    Sorry for the late reply!
    Left by JG, on Jun 25, 2017 - 11:26
    I was absorbed in various things that kept me away from Uvumi, but I don't forget you!
    I'll be back soon to reply to your latests comments, and to read your stories.
    Meanwhile, I hope you have a great (adventurous) time. :)
    Permanent LinkLink   ReplyReply   ReportReport
  • JG's picture
    Left by JG, on Jun 17, 2017 - 7:25
    Getting lost : your story is funny and scary. I wouldn't have enjoyed that, haha.
    Food would be a problem for me, if I got on an adventurous trip. Like you, I'm a vegetarian, and a picky one. I'd rather starve than eat something I dislike or distrust.
    Well, food is a problem in the everyday life when you start paying attention to what you eat. I have to compromise all the time. I do, because I'm reasonable, but I hate the idea that I'm not in control when it comes to that. It's like chemical shampoos and soaps. Modern lifestyle poisons us, but it's almost impossible to escape, even though you know it.
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  • JG's picture
    Left by JG, on Jun 17, 2017 - 7:23
    "Enjoy the simple things" : Yes, that's one of the important lessons than non-humans creatures have taught me. They're much wiser than us in that respect.
    "There shall be no alternative to the greedy lifestyle."
    I second that. I find it scary that so many people never question their lifestyle, and rely on hollow stuff to build a fake happiness. Do you know the "Black Mirror" series? Frightening stuff, not so far from reality...

    Know what is really precious, and enjoy it while you have it.
    I love Jeff Buckley's rendition of the song "Satisfied Mind" (https://youtu.be/N8uk9Ql8J-A). Awesome lyrics. A true anthem to life.

    Simple Minds : I had that album (and like you, I regard Seeing Out The Angel as the climax). I love all their stuff until 1989. My favorite albums are New Gold Dream and Sparkle In The Rain.

    Waterboys : same as with Simple Minds ; I love their older stuff more. Everything until Dream Harder. And there are gems in The Secret Life of the Waterboys.
    I couldn't even tell which album is my favorite. All of them have a different vibe, and a strong identity. Their Irish folk music oriented stuff is awesome.
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  • JG's picture
    Left by JG, on Jun 17, 2017 - 7:21
    mp3 player : I used to listen to music a lot while walking outside, or on the bus or the train. Nowadays, I can't listen on headphones, due to my fragile hearing. But I hear music in my head all the time, so it's ok. :)
    Yes, the rhythm in "Flying" is for movement.
    As for "Be Yourself", I'm afraid there's not much to analyze : it's an old song, and at that time, my music was rather spontaneous. I started working with symbolism and complex structures years after.
    Anyway, I enjoy the idea that each listener has a unique perception of my music, and hears it and "sees" it differently. Even when I build a piece around a solid concept, I like that others will see something different in it.

    "The last adventure day we made month ago. I'm taking a day off on Friday. So maybe ..."
    I hope you enjoyed your Friday, and made it adventurous! For my part, I was caught up in various stuff in the past days ; writing, music, and life. Yes, the latter sometimes gains on other things, haha.
    Heat is back, but if it cools down by the end of the day, we'll take Mantra to the forest for a new exploration.
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