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Composer: Michael Baker


word has come down/the clouds are gathering
electricity show/got a ticket for me
change in the weather, changin' his mind/finger to the wind
who will throw the switch and let me in

hey black robe/don't you darken my door
checked every page of your book/ain't no picture of me
and i know that you've come to lend a hand
got a passport stamped for the holy land
but i can't say no rosary
to someone who gave up on me
so just tell me now/what color is the sky

i tried to reach you before they shut off the power
in these final seconds of this
very ordinary hour

well i been runnin' scared/about ten years gone
one step up on the long lean arm of the law
over the border, crossin' the line/no time left to pray
let the water come and wash my name away

well i been through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole
ain't no such thing as an eye for an eye
and you have watched it all come down to this
still you don't know what it means to shoot and miss
and you watch my candle goin' out
don't it even make you doubt
or think there but for the grace of god go i

i tried to reach you before they shut off the power
in these final seconds of this
very ordinary hour

ReportRadio Nowhere - Starfish / SunflowerRadio Nowhere - Starfish / Sunflower

  • Founded: January 2005
  • Location: Oakland, California, United States of America
  • Label: http://www.radionowhere.net


  • Mike Baker

Starfish / Sunflower    Starfish / Sunflower

  • Title: Starfish / Sunflower
  • Artist: Radio Nowhere
  • Duration: 00:04:50
  • Played: 98

This is one of those songs that started as something that wasn't quite there - like a radio station that you can't tune in, and refuses to come in from the static - and then two years later it was suddenly done, and I had no idea how it happened.

There are lots of interesting words and cool acoustic guitar in this song, but I think the best thing about it is the combination of pedal steel guitar and 4am jungle snare from an abused sampler. It's like Gram Parsons fronting Massive Attack!

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