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ReportPocket Full of RyePocket Full of Rye

  • Founded: October 2009
  • Location: San Francisco, California, United States of America


  • Harrington
  • Jamie McKenzie

Pocket Full of Rye is a cello, a guitar and a girl who play acoustic, gypsy-folk, 50′s love song-influenced melodies about happy people in sad situations. They cover the Misfits sometimes too.

Sounds like: Brandi Carlile singing Danzig, Beach House on anti-depressants and/or a less-stoned version of Jolie Holland singing the blues.

Visit us at www.PocketFullOfRye.net

Email us at band@pocketfullofrye.net

Twit? @pocket_full


  • At Pirate Cat radio in San Francisco At Pirate Cat radio ...
  • We want you. All of you. We want you. All of ...
  • Cello hard at work Cello hard at work
  • At Dolores Park, San Francisco At Dolores Park, San...

Comments (7)Comments (7)

  • Unregistered User's picture
    Left by Unregistered User, on Jun 28, 2010 - 15:08
    Really digging your stuff. Thanks!!
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  • Left by BrandonMicheal, on Jun 25, 2010 - 1:49
    I really like y'alls music! Thanks for sharing!
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  • Left by Rafael, on Apr 3, 2010 - 16:14
    Sweet! I'm also loving the music here. And coincidence or not, Take me Home is also my favorite! :)

    Can I pass it around as much as I pass nutella wishes? :D
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  • Sally's picture
    Left by Sally, on Apr 1, 2010 - 13:59
    Very glad you chose to share your music here and very glad I found it!
    Take me Home is heading for my favourites, and happily exploring the rest!
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  • woodjean's picture
    Left by woodjean, on Apr 1, 2010 - 11:49
    I really like your music! Take Me Home is especially interesting. 'Love that cello, guitar and unusual use of voice. Just great!
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    • Jamie McKenzie's picture
      Left by Jamie McKenzie, on Apr 1, 2010 - 11:52
      Thank you so much! Please pass us around like a Thanksgiving dish to everyone you know and love! :0)
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