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ReportPaul GruetPaul Gruet

  • Age: 57
  • Location: Crawley, United Kingdom

I started learning piano when I was 8, having discovered the music of Chopin on my Dad's old 78 record collection which inspired me.
For many years I played to amuse myself, but it was when, in my teens I started to teach myself guitar that I started to get more of a feel for playing music. The old piano went and was replaced by a Wurlitzer Electric piano which I loved and only sold when it started to drift out of tune (I still miss it).

Then I was invited to join a Christian band called Across the Frontier, back in the 80s which was taught me (well all of us) how to lay with other musicians. We only played one gig but we had a lot of fun and learned a lot.
In the 90s I was asked to play piano for my local church (St Andrews - where I still play today) and soon after joined another Christian band called The Mustard Seeds, which evolved into Cornerstone and then Different Corner.

Having acquired a computer I started to learn how to multitrack recordings, initially using midi and then audio multitrack recordings. From there I started to write and record my own music.

When Different Corner folded back in 2004 I continued to work with fellow band member Ian Edgson in the partnership Edgson-Gruet. We have produced a number of CDs between us and still gig occasionally.

In 2008, having split up with my ex-wife, I met my current partner (now fiancee), Judith who plays flute in the St Andrews Church music group. We have recorded several tracks together which will appear here soon.


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