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Tonic BreedTonic Breed

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  • Founded: June 2007
  • Location: Sarpsborg, Norway


  • Mats Johansen
  • Patrik Svendsen

In Sarpsborg, Norway, Patrik Svendsen and Bjørn Myhren started out playing guitar together. As matter in fact, it was Bjørn that inspired Patrik to start playing. At the age of fifteen they hammered on many of their favorite songs. It didn't take too long before they realised they needed a bassist.

In 2006, Patrik and Bjørn asked Rudi Golimo, one of their closest friends and also classmate, if he was interested in a new hobby. Next day, he bought a bass. The three of them played together for about a year before Daniel Pettersen joined in 2007. They were now four members and offically a band. Heavy metal band. They named the band Roadkill, and stayed with that name for almost a year before changing it to Tonic Breed (we counted 14 band just in Norway with Roadkill as a band name). Bjørn left the band summer of 2010 due to army duty. Anders Bekken took his place for a year, and then he left the band due to army duty. Thomas Koksvik is last man to join the band, and no army bullshit has yet been a problem there. Daniel left the band in 2012, and Mats Johansen is moving from Harstad to take his place.

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