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  • Founded: March 2009
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


parker BOMBSHELL's Reviews

  • Bombshell Review -Chris White

    Bombshell Review -Chris White

    here only the name is new, Toronto-based Parker is no stranger to the stage or recording studio. Surrounded by talented session people and the extended band the principles of Parker who brings you this outstanding 12-song, debut album are Tom McNeil (singer/songwriter) and Thomas Ryder Payne (songwriter/singer/producer). Tom is lead singer of Parker and may be known better in the Toronto music scene as the leader singer/songwriter in the band Freshwater Drum that recorded and released two albums; he has also given the push several times with new bands in the recording studio. Thomas plays nearly every instrument including the string and horn arrangements on Bombshell; previously in the group Joydrop for nearly six years he has also enjoyed extensive recording time with up and coming groups. All songs on the CD Bombshell are written (Tom and Thomas), performed, recorded and engineered by Parker.


  • Bombshell Review-It's Not the band In hate it's the fans

    Bombshell Review-It's Not the band In hate it's the fans

    The first noteworthy point is that the bands' talent cannot be denied. For the most part, all of the instrumentation is provided by Thomas Ryder Payne who, if you look at his bio, has a pretty impressive list of credentials. He's no stranger to the Canadian music scene and he wrote the bulk of what is on the CD. His collaborator is Tom McNeil, who is also the lead singer and has a very polished and distinctive voice. Not every song is a home run but there are some very noteworthy mentions. The album opener "Twenty Twenty" does give off that distinct 80's soundtrack vibe, like something out of The Breakfast Club or another John Hughes-y type of film. It is a true slice of pop music gold and it continues to build as the song progresses. A slight giggle and some jazzy finger snaps open track three, entitled "Love Myself." During the verse, Tom tries to pull off a slight Jim Morrison before taking a sharp left turn into a heavily layered male-female chorus. As I mentioned in my last review


  • Bombshell Review -Toonage Magazine by Susie Why?

    Bombshell Review -Toonage Magazine by Susie Why?

    Picture this: a Toronto-based band with innovative lyrics, a ridiculous variety of styles (ranging from electronic to folk to alternative), and a vocalist reminiscent of Bono. Meet Parker. On their album Bombshell, they display all of the latter qualities. Listen to the first twenty seconds of their opening track, "Twenty Twenty" and you could easily mistake it for a U2 song. But make no mistake, Parker explores many other styles, from the haunting electro-rock vibe on "Love Myself" to the wonderfully arranged guitar/horn combination on "Four Minute Warning". However, There is lots of potential with this band, "Just Say When", with beautiful arrangement of strings used to build up the hook; you will find yourself craving this song non-stop. All in all, I can, without a doubt, say this will not be the last we.ve heard of parker.


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