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  • Location: London, United Kingdom


  • Paaliaq

Incredible, varied, lush and intelligent rocktronica from London singer and composer.

Paaliaq comes from the same ideals of musicians like dEUS, Massive Attack, Bjork and many more... To create beautiful, expansive, dramatic, unique music.

Music has a capability often missed in both mainstream bands and avant-garde performers - the capability to be intelligent, skewed and textured but also melodic, passionate and listenable at the same time. This is the place Paaliaq aims for.

"Keepi is absolutely amazing" - Random Thoughts on Random Music review, Feb 8th 2011.

"I was a little anxious cause I couldn’t tell if Paaliaq would be a shitload of crap or a mesmerizing discovery. And? . . Paaliaq IS mesmerizing.

Moody, ballad-like melodies played mainly by guitar and/or piano, pretty classical and, therefore, almost tribal, ritual-like drumming with a pretty cool electro noise from time to time and an interesting male voice that leads the whole... I was surprised that a debut album could be so well arranged and performed."

'Sao' 4th EP available here: http://paaliaq.bandcamp.com/album/sao
'Otto' 3rd EP available here: http://paaliaq.bandcamp.com/album/otto
3rd album 'Hexacoral' available here: http://paaliaq.bandcamp.com/album/hexacoral
'Misc.2' ongoing FREE collection available here: http://paaliaq.bandcamp.com/album/misc-2
'Misc.' FREE collection available here: http://paaliaq.bandcamp.com/album/misc
'Ish' 2nd EP available here: http://paaliaq.bandcamp.com/album/ish
FREE EP 'Vola' available here: http://paaliaq.bandcamp.com/album/vola
'Zosma' 2nd album available here: http://paaliaq.bandcamp.com/album/zosma
FREE album 'Keepi' available here: http://paaliaq.bandcamp.com/album/keepi

And don't miss the wonderful, burgeoning array of videos from London video artist alphaman!
Check the video tab! More soon.



  • 'Hexacoral' by Paaliaq 'Hexacoral' by Paali...
  • Zosma by Paaliaq Zosma by Paaliaq
  • Misc. by Paaliaq Misc. by Paaliaq
  • 'Vola' by Paaliaq 'Vola' by Paaliaq

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