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  • Age: 39
  • Location: Boise, Idaho, United States of America
  • Label: turbo crush
  • Press kit: pdf zip

B. Mansion and Richard Palisades are Owlright. Their production techniques include synthesizer programming, sequencing, tape operations, button mashing, knob twiddling, bulch-boarding and midi data dumping. They take pride in their attention to detail as to provide you with aurally stimulating experiences.

Owlright currently has two releases available on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, iTunes, etc. The LP "COOL SHOOS DOOD" and the "PLUHNK" EP. More releases planned for 2013.



  • Owlright by Richard Walter Owlright by Richard ...
  • Owl Magic Owl Magic
  • Owlright @ VaC Owlright @ VaC

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